Eliza Powis 1819- 1893

Mark Williams' Ancestry tree . Wesley Hopkinson tree- descended from her brother, Richard Powis 1824

Born Shropshire to a collier . Married a collier

1819. Eliza Powis was baptised, address Lawley Bank, to Charles Powis, collier, & Rosanna Shepherd on 31/1/1819 in Dawley Magna - FMP image available FS

Charles Powis had married Rosanna Shepherd on 3/4/1808 in Eyton upon the Weald Moors, Shropshire

1840. Eliza Powis married Joseph Callear, collier, on 5/3/1840 in Wellington Parish Church. His address Lawley, hers Lawley Bank. His father Richard Callear, hers Charles Powis- both colliers .Witnesses: John Haycock & Martha Powis . Wellington Mar 1840- mc thanks to Mark Williams' Ancestry tree


1841C. Joseph Collier, 20, coal miner, was living Lawley Bank, Wellington with his wife, Eliza, and 1 child

Joseph Collier Male 20 - coal miner 1821 Shropshire, England
Eliza Collier Female 20 1821 Shropshire, England
Emma Collier Female 6mths 1841 Shropshire, England

1843. Male Callear was born Madeley Jun 1843 - this Slaney!

1851C. Have searched extensively for various family members on Ancestry & FMP - nothing! . Searched again on 4/1/2020

1861C. Eliza Callear, 42, miner's wife, was living Dawley Green Road, Dawley, Madeley , Shropshire . Bad mistranscription- original says Slaney and Callear!!

Joseph Caller Head Married Male 43 1818 Coal Miner Wellington Shropshire, England
Eliza Caller Wife Married Female 42 1819 - Wellington Shropshire, England
Emma Caller Daughter Unmarried Female 20 1841 Dressmaker Shropshire, England
Henry Slaney Caller Son Unmarried Male 18 1843 ...miner Shropshire, England
Alfred Caller Son Unmarried Male 15 1846 ... Shropshire, England
Enoch Caller Son Unmarried Male 11 1850 Scholar Shropshire, England
Joseph James Albert Caller Son Unmarried Male 1 1860 - Shropshire, England

1868. Anna Louise Callear - likely Ann Callear born Madeley Dec1847 - married William Edward Bradshaw Wellington, Sh., Jun 1868

1871C. Eliza Collear, 52, miner's wife, was living Church Street, Dawley

Joseph Collear Head - Male 54 1817 - Shropshire, England
Eliza Collear Wife - Female 52 1819 - Shropshire, England
Enoch Collear Son - Male 21 1850 - Shropshire, England
Osmond Bradshaw Relative - Male 2 1869 - Shropshire, England

1881C. Eliza Callear, 62, retired miner's wife, was living Church Road, Dawley

Joseph Callear Head Married Male 65 1816 Retired Coalminer Wellington, Shropshire, England
Eliza Callear Wife Married Female 62 1819 - Wellington, Shropshire, England

1888. Joseph Callear, 71, address Lawley Bank, was buried 15/3/1888 at Lawley, Anglican- FMP Shropshire Burials, image available. Probate of £45 to his son Slaney Callear, innkeeper. . Record states he was a retired Chartermaster (contractor for working a pit or part of a pit)

1891C. Eliza Callear, 72, widow,living on own means. was living Church Road, Dawley

Eliza Callear Head Widow Female 72 1819 Living On Own Means Wellington Shropshire, England

1893. Eliza Callear, 74, address Church Lane, Dawley, was buried 5/4/1893 at Lawley - FMP Shropshire Burials, image available - a one line mention in the Wellington Journal, died 1/4/1893

A headstone commemorating her was found in Limekiln Wood, Telford in 2021: photos on her husband's page

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Emma Callear 1840, one of Eliza's daughters: she married Thomas Weaver & emigrated to Wisconsin in 1873


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