Thomas Jabez Ireland 1867 - 1942

There is an Ireland Ancestry family tree and a few others- but no picture of the 1889 marriage of Thomas Jabez Ireland to Ellen Barrett on any of them- and I had difficulty finding any work of Robinetta J West 1954, mother Grimble, who married Christopher Briggs in Lothingland, Suffolk 1973. BUT there is a private tree, which when clicked, is indeed the work of Robinetta Briggs: sent her a message March 2020, but no reply . She claimes to have a photo of the 1889 marriage, but this likely just means an image of the m.c., which I have!!


1867. Thomas Jabez Ireland was born 7/7/1867 at 17 Parnham Place, Ratcliff Stepney Sep 1867 to Thomas Smith Ireland , waterman, & Susannah Green . Baptised 28/7/1867 Stepney St Mary


1871C. Thomas J Ireland , 3, was living Bath Street, Stepney with his parents & 1 sibling

Thomas S Ireland Head - Male 32 1839 waterman - Topsham Devon, England
Susannah G Ireland Wife - Female 25 1846 - Whitechapel Middlesex, England
Thomas J Ireland Son - Male 3 1868 - Ratcliff Middlesex, England
Arthur H G Ireland Son - Male 0 1871 - Middlesex, England
William T Keates Boarder - Male 32 1839 blockmaker- Middlesex, England
George Tillman Boarder - Male 25 1846 tailor- Middlesex, England

1881C. Thomas J Ireland , 13, was living 15 Thirza Street, Ratcliffe, Stepney with his parents & 3 siblings

Thomas Ireland Head Married Male 42 1839 Waterman Topsham, Devon, England
Susannah Ireland Wife Married Female 35 1846 - Whitechapel, Middlesex, England
Thomas J Ireland Son Single Male 13 1868 - Ratcliff, Middlesex, England
Eliza G Ireland Daughter Single Female 7 1874 Scholar Ratcliff, Middlesex, England
Charles G Ireland Son Single Male 6 1875 Scholar Ratcliff, Middlesex, England
Albert J Ireland Son Single Male 4 1877 Scholar Ratcliff, Middlesex, England

1889. Thomas Jabez Ireland, waterman & lighterman, married Ellen Barrett Stepney Dec 1889 . On 22/12/1889 at St Dunstan & All Saints , Stepney . His father Thomas Smith Ireland, lighterman: hers Edward Barrett, painter & decorator



St Dunstans Church

1890. Ellen Susannah Ireland was born Stepney Jun 1890 to Thomas & Ellen

1891C. Thomas J Ireland , 23, waterman & lighterman, was living Hardinge Street, Ratcliffe, Stepney with his wife and firstborn. They are living in the same house- but different household- as 1. his parents; 2. a William Hautelman 58, fishmonger

Thomas J Ireland Head Married Male 23 1868 Waterman & Lighterman London, Middlesex, England
Ellen Ireland Wife Married Female 21 1870 - London, Middlesex, England
Ellen S Ireland Daughter Single Female 11 mths 1891 - London, Middlesex, England


William Handelman Head Married Male 58 1833 Fish Monger Germany
Anna Handelman Wife Married Female 55 1836 Fish Fryer Germany
Louisa Handelman Daughter Single Female 19 1872 Fish Fryer London, Middlesex, England
Frederick Handelman Son Single Male 15 1876 Printers Boy London, Middlesex, England

Henry William Hautleman, 37, widower, stck manufacturer, had married Anna Margarita Schutt on 2/10/1870 in St Bartholomews, Bethnal Green.

1893. Living 86, St Marys parish Cawley Street when his son, Thomas Charles Ireland, was baptised . Thomas Ireland was born 4/2/1893 according to school registers-Ancestry

1896. His wife, Ellen Ireland, was in Stepney Workhouse for 3 days before being transferred to Claybury Asylum on 10/9/1896. She seemingly stayed in an asylum until her death in 1960 .

Ellen Ireland was committed to Claybury asylum in 1896 and the reason for this was that she "went funny in the head" after being attacked, apparently whilst on a balcony holding a baby. This version of events may or may not be true since a statement of her condition at Claybury records a date of "first attack" meaning mania. So that word could have been handed down in the wrong context? 

1901C. Thomas J Ireland, 33, waterman, was living 47, Hardinge Street, Ratcliffe, Stepney with just his 3 children.

Thomas J Ireland Head Married Male 33 1868 Waterman Ratcliff, Middlesex, England
Ellen S Ireland Daughter - Female 10 1891 - Ratcliff, Middlesex, England
Eliza Ireland Daughter - Female 9 1892 - Ratcliff, Middlesex, England
Thomas Chas Ireland Son - Male 8 1893 - St George in the East, Middlesex, England

At 49 Hardinge Street

Henry Hantelman Head Widower Male 68 1833 Fishmonger Germany
Anna Hantelman Wife Married Female 65 1836 - Germany
Frederick Hantelman Son Single Male 25 1876 Lead Roller Ratcliff, Middlesex, England
Louisa Hantelman Daughter Single Female 29 1872 Barmaid Bow, Middlesex, England

1911C. at 94 High Street, Shadwell in One room . Original clearly states Hantelman, 3 times!

Harry William Hatelman Head Married Male 79 1832 Fishmonger Hanover Resident
Anna Margaret Hatelman Wife Married Female 76 1835 - Hanover Resident


1904. Louisa Anna Hautelman married 1904 either Edm und Gratton Haylock or Francis Earnest Mattingley

1908. Frederick John Hantleman, 32, died Stepney Mar 1908

1915. Henry W Hantelman, 80, died Stepney Dec 1915

1919. Anna M Hantelman, 84, died Stepney Sep 1919

1911C. Thomas J Ireland, 43, waterman, was living 86 Clark Street, Stepney East in 1 room. Married 22 years, 3 children, all still living

Thomas J Ireland - Married Male 43 1868 Waterman London Middlesex

1921C. Thomas J Irelamd 1869 is living alone in Poplar


Thomas Jabez Ireland in 1927 with granddaughter Eileen Howson-rt- and her cousin Ceclia


Eliza Gretton, right Thomas Charles Ireland her brother. And behind - probably their mother Ellen Ireland. She would have been 75 but the likeness is apparent, especially with her son

This image was from a wedding group so chances are old Ellen was allowed out from her care home for the day to see her grandson Albert Ireland get married? 1944??


1939 Register. . Thomas J Ireland, b. 7/7/1867, licensed waterman lights, was living 92 Lindfield Street, Poplar

Thomas J Ireland 07 Jul 1867 Male Licensed Waterman Lights Married 72 1

1942. Thomas J Ireland, 74, waterman retired, died, at 92 Lindfield Street, on 23/2/1942 Poplar Mar 1942 . ,the informant was his daughter Eliza Gretton. Cause of death was myocardial degenration & acute bronchitis




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