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Jabez = "he makes sorrowful" , Hebrew. A biblical name, from 1 Chronicles


~1630. John Ireland born in Ashburton, Devon to parents unknown

1669. Thomas Ireland was baptised to John Ireland & Amey Weager on 7/12/1669 in Ashburton, Devon

1704. Richard Ireland was baptised to Thomas Ireland on 1/1/1704 in Ashburton, Devon

1736. Richard Ireland was baptised to Richard & Mary Ireland on 14/9/1736 in Ashburton, Devon

1754. Richard Ireland married Joanna Ireland on 24/2/1754 in Ashburton, Devon

1754-1772 Richard Ireland moved his family ~ 35 k to Topsham

1772. Jabez Ireland was baptised 9/6/1772 to Richard & Joanna Ireland in Topsham

1800. Jabez Ireland married Sarah Parnell on 13/7/1800 in Topsham- Ancestry . Jabez died 4/121828 in Topsham

1812. Jabez Ireland was baptised 1812 to Jabez & Sarah on 25/10/1812 in Topsham - FMP, image exists, no extra information

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