Jean Le Richeux 1777- & Marie Clare Palmer and his father, Nicholas Le Richeux from Normandy 1743-1846 & Catharine Foure from Rouen 1750-1842

1743~ . Nicholas Le Richeux born- foreign parts, almost certainly Normandy France

Nicholas Le Richeux left Huguenot persecution in France and went to England

1774. Nicholas le Richeux, married Catherine Foure on 18/4/1774 Bethnal Green -FMP

1777. Jean le Richeux was baptised 4/1/1777,Threadneedle Street French Huguenot, to Nicholas Le Richeux and Catherine Fouray - Ancestry . Other baptisms: Madeleine 1775; Catherine 1779; Anne 1784; Jaques 1786

~1797. Jean le Richeux marries Marie Clare Palmer

1801. Jean Le Richeux was baptised 26/7/1801, Threadneedle Street French Huguenot, to Jean le Richeux & Marie Clare Palmer

Other children baptised to Jean Le Richeux and Marie Clare Palmer: 1799 Anne. godfather Nicholas Le Richeux; 1803 Louis: 1805 Marie

1804 & 1806. John le Richeux is master of the Charity Protestant Dissenters School, Wood Street, Spitalfields, for 50 children . Below 1806 notice -FMP


1841C. I cannot find Jean Le Richeux and Marie Clare.

1841C Nicholas Le Richoux, 98, born Fr., Annuitant?, is living George Street, Camberwell with his wfe Catherine, 92, daughter Magdelan, 66 and Mary Combs, nurse??. Surname mistranscribed

Nicholas L Richard Male 98 1743 -  
Catherine Richard Female 92 1749 -  
Magdalen Richard Female 66 1775 -  
Mary Combs Female 60 1781

Catherine Le Rocheux dies 24/2/1842

The Court, Lady's Magazine - July-Aug 1842 BMD section page 15 Le Richeux, Mrs. Catherine at Camberwell, native of Rouen, aged 91 survived by her husband in his 100th year in the active and full possession of his faculties June 24 1842

1846. Nicholas le Richeux, 103, dies 14/3/1846 Camberwell


1850 A Marie Le Richeux [ likely 1805] died Shoreditch Dec 1850