Life in 2016

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In January we spent 2 days with John plus Meryl in Moraira and Denia, where they were staying

c-d-bears john-meryl1
The welcoming hosts pose for the refugees from the English winter . Then down to Moraira and the obligatory photo, then a walk towards Portet
john-meryl2 john-meryl3 john-meryl4 john-chris david-es-tapa
before lunching in DGust. The next day a return visit by us to them in Denia. And Es Tapa Ti was a really good spot for lunch there - excellent food


portet1 .portet2

The following week we tried Le Dauphin at Portet for the first time in a couple of years- still underimpressed by the service: food fine but nothing special: views still fantastic!

anne1 anne2
At the end of the month we had lunch with Anne & Michael at DGust

& the Yucca was eventually cut down on the urbanisation - my how David would like to resign from being president !

tree1 .tree2

Then off to Cambodia & Laos on February 8th

At the start of April we were on the first RyanAir flight of the year to Malta, staying overnight at Mas Duc again. We had major problems with the water in the flat there, and I had a fall to remember! walking back from Bridge one day. Hazel and Ed joined us there for the last five days.

hazel2 hazel1 hazel3
We showed them the view from our roof and had a very pleasant time in Medina, visiting the Faisan museum

We returned to Moraira and I immersed myself in Testament of Youth and Testament of Experience, 2 books written by Vera Brittain, an ex Somervillian - presents from Hazel

mor2 mor3
A few scenes from the urbanization- , palm & cactus cutting & stupid statues arrived outside next door!. Jane and Ed came for a
mor6 mor7 mor9 mor8
barbecue with us, and then we went down to Carol's & Paul's for another barbecue


mor9 mor11 mor12 mor13 mor15
A match up the Vallees between the Vallees and JSBSC
mor16 mor17 mor17 mor20
Maria came for a barbecue after we had been to a barbecue cooking demonstration/lunch along the Calpe road

At the end of May we flew to Amsterdam and joined the M S Treasures for a wondrous cruise across Europe, North Sea to Black Sea

We were only just back when the Brits shot themself in the foot and voted to withdraw from the EU- Brexit

Joanna came out to stay for 5 days in July: she did not have much energy but we managed a trip to Vespa's and to Ca Pepe, plus lots of Scrabble games

jo3 jo4 jo5

Then a barbecue at Mike's & Jackie's- Anne & Michael also there.


Start of August saw us driving north to Rioja, and then to the Bordeaux region on our way to Gaynor's & Vic's, then back via Arantzazu.

And a week later we had 6 days in Ireland, driven by the necessity of obtaining an Iranian Visa.

September 3rd saw us going to Valencia to meet genealogy contact Laura Stanley, plus husband Colin. Once home we saw their ship cruising by on its way to Malaga!


val1 val2 val3 val4 val5
val7 val8 val6 val10 val9

, & then September 5th brought devastating fires to Javea, alongside a Girls' Lunch in Lunge Mare .

jav1 jav2 jav3 jav4 jav5
Maria, Anne & Trish enjoying a pizza as the seaplanes were scooping up water to drop on the fires. Views from our balcony during the Monday afternoon.

Then on September 12th we set off on our longest holiday ever: The Silk Road: China to Turkey with a Wild Frontiers group


and received mugs to prove it

marg1 marg2 marg3 marg4 marg5
Margaret came to stay soon after our return . Lunch at D'Gust and at Vespa's. And a generally relaxing time- post Brexit! Even a swim in the pool!

Then Christmas festivities at both JBC and up at the Vallees Bridge Club

jbc1 jbc2 jbc3 jbc4 jbc5
At JBC singles Tournament . Petra. . . . . . . Rosa, Mary & John . Pat with the raffle . . . . . Reika, Greta, Percy & Ruth. . . .Bill Fearon, Mieke & Peter


val6 val7 val5
El Cids for the Vallees Christmas lunch. Chris & partner Bill . Bill, sister Liz, Brenda & Barry
val1 val2 val3 val4
Sylvia, Brenda & Marion. . .Barry with his addiction- mince pies. . . .Friendly waitress . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Brenda

And finally, on December 16th we spent the night in Valencia, having dinner with Manuela and others from the Oxford & Cambridge Society there,

val1 val2 val4 val3    
Rain thwarted our afternoon stroll, but lots of Christmas trees in the hotel and in the market
val5 val6 val7 val8
where seven of us had a Japanese meal


An award winning card from Joanna

The following morning, after finding a lovely cafe for breakfast, we flew from Valencia- three cheers for Mr O'Leary - to Malta, where we spent a very pleasant Christmas up to December 27th, when disaster struck!

Photos received from Friends.

jo-birth1 jo-birth2 jenny rossio2 rossio1
Joanna & Daryl celebrating Joanna's birthday. . . Old schoolfriend Jenny. . . . . Photos of Jo's sponsored San Salvadorian girl, Rossio
manuelita hannah
jo-xmas1 jo-xmas2
Manuelita in Iran . . . .Hannah and baby Lewis, born ~ Dec 13th . . . . . . Jo in her flat and with Daryl over Christmas

Life in 2017

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