MALTA -2016

At the start of April we were on the first RyanAir flight of the year to Malta, staying overnight at Mas Duc again. We had major problems with the water in the flat there, and I had a fall to remember! walking back from Bridge one day. Hazel and Ed joined us there for the last five days.

hazel4 masduc2
On the balcony at Mas Duc and then on the flight


masduc1 hazel4 hazel5 hazel8 hazel7
Tapas at Mas Duc . Lunch at the Palacio, Naxxar and a walk round the grounds, walking from the flat and back
hazel1 hazel10 hazel11 hazel3 mal2
A visit to Medina
mal3 mal4 mal5 mal6 mal7
Lunch in the rooftop cafe of a museum
mal7 mal8 mal11 hazel2 hazel9
And a visit to the Catacombs . David & Chris on the flat rooftop. Hazel & Ed with the boyzz in the flat.


mal2 mal4 mal1 mal12 mal14
Magnificent houses and doors in Medina
mal5 mal10 mal12 mal15 mal18 mal17

Back again mid December to pass another 3 weeks there

malta1 malta2 malta4 malta3 malta5
Extremely windy and cold for the first few days. We visited Wigis, had Catherine & Sonny for dinner,
malta6 malta7 malta8 malta16 malta10
had a few siestas, went swimming daily at the Hilton, went for walks and had Christmas Eve Supper at Truffle & Truffle - a disappointment
malta11 malta13 malta12 malta14 malta9
Well before Christmas Day it was bright and sunny. On the 27th


malta16 malta17 malta19 malta18
we had a lovely walk to, then lunch at, Palacio Paraiso, then walked back.

But alas, I tripped and fell, breaking my right kneecap and my right wrist. A charming Maltese gentleman, Mark, came to my rescue: after cleaning me up he drove us to a chemists with a doctor. Then to St James' Hospital where Xrays revealed the damage. I was operated on the next day for 2-3 houra by Branco Magazinovic. I stayed in hospital for 3 more days, going back to the flat on New Years Eve


hosp1 hosp2 hosp3 malta4 hosp7
A wan me in my room. Somerville stayed with me & David came to & fro with goodies. Dr Magazinovic was a cheery presence
hosp5 home2 hosp6 home3 home1
Views from its balcony. Glad to be back & cosseted on our balcony by Dec 31. Liz & Louis brought us a scrumptious chicken meal

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