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This just being used at present to work out the page distribution of photos in a Photo Book of my life. Once that has been successfully completed I will return to this and make an aesthetically pleasing web site of my life!. Not all the writing appearing here will go into the book.

Each year or couple of years will later be allocated ~ 1/2/4/6 pages etc, to make hopefully a total of 120 pages for 1945-2020

Need to use at least 10 less pages in the years 1945-1964!!

Only a rough guess at the number of Pages

Title page . Page 1

1945-1946 . Page 2-3. 12+ photos

I was born on 28th March 1945 in the Ilford Maternity home: this, alias St Georges, was purpose-built in 1926 in Eastern Avenue, Newbury Park. My parents were Francis William Lyons & Joan Edith Turner. My birth certificate stated that my father was a Sales Manager Tannery, 2087170 Sergeant R.A.,of 60 Courtland Avenue, Ilford, but 92 Herongate Road, Wanstead Park, E12 also given..My mother suffered from a deep vein thrombosis after my birth and was kept in hospital for 6 weeks, my maternal grandmother, Edith Turner, staying at the newly acquired family home of 92, Herongate Road, to look after my elder sister, Hazel, then aged 2 & 3/4. I assume my father was still serving in the Royal Artillery at this time as the Second World War didnot end, in Europe, until May 8th that year. . I think Herongate Road was purchased during the last months of 1944.

I was christened at St.Gabriels Church, to which Hazel & I returned in 2008 and were made most welcome. There was a lady there who had been the Brownie Leader in the 1950s, but she did not remember us. My godparents were Harry Payne, Doris Dore and Margery Davies

I looked fondly at this photo on 8/5/2020 as the UK held street parties to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE day: but I was in Lockdown in Spain due to the lethal Covid 19 virus


1947-1948 . Page 4-5. 8+ photos.

Herongate Road was my home for the first 8 years of my life. It was a carefree time. I managed to play in the street outside my friend’s house but apparently was not allowed to play in our street as my mother considered it common. But I was sent out to collect horse manure (for the garden) from the rag and bone man’s horse - a task that I did not enjoy being seen doing! I was very late to acquire distinct speech; my sister was asked to interpret what I was saying, and my mother took me (via multiple bus journeys) to see various specialists and speech therapists.

I had the large back bedroom. Hazel a smaller one in the centre of the house: there was also a small boxroom at the front, which Mum's cousin. Lloyd ,occupied at one stage when he was studying architecture in London. I remember one Christmas Eve when Hazel was sharing the double bed in my bedroom (probably with a bolster down the middle!) and we stayed awake and heard Dad come in to fill up our stockings . Christmas puddings had sixpences in them - and it was always us that found them! Nan and Grampy, my mother's parents, would always come for Christmas

We had a party for our birthdays each year and our mother worked really hard on the food, and our father with the entertainment. Our front room, rarely used, would host a magnificent spread

Dad travelled abroad a lot as sales director of Whichelow's Tannery . A treat for us was going to Northolt airport to wave him off and watch the planes! There were usually presents for us on his return. From Australia I got a sheep and Hazel received Rosemary, a large doll

Money was tight and rationing still existed from the war. My mother and Nan made all our clothes: we hated standing still on the morning room table whilst the hems were marked with the aid of a piece of chalk and a stick

1949 . . . . . Page 6.~ 6 photos

1950 . . . . . . Page 7. ~7 photos

I started school in 1950 at Aldersbrook Primary, just 4 streets away from Herongate Road. Aged 7, a school report says "Speech still rather indistinct" ; “very sociable and cooperative” ; “ usually very satisfactory, much improved this term”!! Friends were Wendy Mason and Rosemary White

1951-1952 . Page 8-9. 12 photos

My parents bought a 2nd hand Triang dollshouse- we received this for Christmas. They had done it up down the cellar after we went to bed. Mum painted the roses on it & made curtains: Dad made furniture out of match boxes.we holidayed in Lynton, the car getting stuck on Porlock Hill enroute. Stayed in a guest house in Lynton for our summer holiday but on the last friday night there was a great storm and the bridge nearby and houses adjoining it all partly collapsed: perhaps one of my first real memories, seeing bedding hanging out of the side of a house

1953-1954 . Page 10-11, 12 photos

We moved from Herongate Road to 'Eastwood', 6 Worcester Crescent, Woodford Green in the summer of 1953. In September I started at Woodford Green Primary School, happy memories of that: captain of netball!. Hazel at Woodford County High School. I changed Brownie packs- becoming a Gnome- to that at All Saints Church, and also went to Sunday School there

1955 . . .. . . Page 12 . 6 photos

I got rheumatic fever in the summer of 1955 and missed the whole 3rd year summer term. I was confined to bed for a long time and my parents bought a television then and used to carry me downstairs to watch it: I developed a love of cricket: and, once recovered, I would spend a couple of hours after Sunday school watching the local club playing on its grounds next to the church.

1956 . . . . . .Page 13-14. 20 poss. photos

Auntie Babe, Jill, Bobbie & Ronnie came over from the States for 6 weeks in the summer of 1956. They stayed at least 2 weeks with us at Woodford. Audrey celebrated her 21st birthday at 44 Derby Road, Bramcote with nearly all the cousins present. We had a summer holiday in a guest house in Keswick. Having passed the 11+ I started at Woodford High School

1957 . . . . . .Pages 15. 14 poss. photos

Lars Hall, who won a gold medal for modern pentathlon in the Helsinki Olympics, stayed with us for some weeks. I was in the guides at Woodford High & went to guide canp at St Audries Bay, Somerset.

1958. . . . . . Pages 16-17. 24 poss. photos

We moved from Woodford to Ashton, Northamptonshire on 6/1/1958. My mother was extremely unhappy with this move ( even though Dad's job at Whichelows was doomed- the tannery finally shut ~1960) and Hazel stayed with the Granges, our Woodford neighbours, for 2 school terms, to complete her O Levels at WCHS.

I started at Northampton High School: the authorities had placed me at Towcester Comprehensive School but Dad managed to persuade them, on religious grounds. to pay for NHS, which was a direct grant, C of E, school, charging fees. I was unhappy both at home & at school for a while, so took refuge in work!

My grandfather died in April of this year: I remember attending his funeral down near Ilford, wearing a black armband on my dull pink coat

Our first holiday abroad was to Sweden in the summer of 1958. We went by ferry from Ipswich? to the Hook of Holland, then drove north to Copenhagen, staying there a night or two, then over on a ferry to Malmo, from whence to Gothenburg where Dad;s laether friends, Lars & Harriet Gunnarson, lived. Harriet was a doctor and they had 2 small sons, Gunnar & Torsten. We stayed with them for several nights: we ate local crayfish and raspberries( bursting with maggots) from their garden . They took us round Stockholm and round a folk village called Dalecarlia . I was so excited to be abroad and wrote a long detailed letter about everything we did to Margaret. Years later, ~ 2007?? - she copied this out for me - but the copy has been been lost for many years

1959 . . . . . . Pages 18-19. 14/18 photos

Penfriend Roseline Digard came for 3 weeks near the end of the Summer term. Cousin Audrey got married to Clive Ball: Hazel and I were bridesmaids . My first pair of high heels!. Then we dropped Roseline back at her country house in Coupvray/ Compiegne before heading down to the Costa Brava in the caravan. We stayed in a campsite in Blanes. Enjoyed the local markets. Dad was very uneasy with having Germans as neighbours in the camp. Toilets left a lot to be desired! Had a day in Barcelona, saw Gaudi's Sacrado Familia and went to a bullfight

1960. . . . . .Page 20. Just 5 photos

I stayed for 6 weeks with Lily & Jean Brandeleer at 204 Chaussee de Waterloo, Brussels: this to improve my French in anticipation of O.Levels in 1961 . I kept a diary, in French of course, of this time, which I still have in a red book.

1961 . . . . ..Page 21. 8 photos

Worked hard for my 7 OLs in June- I had taken English language the previous summer. Missed the last 5-8 days of the summer term: Miss Marsden was unhappy with this, it would affect my A.Ls!! .Went to Venice in the caravan : with parents and Hazel. Camped over in the Lido di Jesolo and entered Venice by boat . Saw glass blowing in Venice; bought silk blouses, thick cardigans and bags. And Hazel bought shoes. Ate good icecreams.

1962. . . . ..Page 22. 5 photos

Went to a Guide Camp at Castle Ashby when we got back. I had been learning to drive since April and had taken a driving test just before the camp: received the result whilst at camp, and,... I had failed: this was a shock, but I soon took it again and passed. A field trip for a meteorology Course in Haverford West. Had anoher exchange with Roseline: think I travelled straight to Paris from London. Then she came back to Ashton later, joining me at the guide camp at Castle Ashby. Back to school to do my final year for ALs, dropping Chemistry as a 4th subject

1963. . . . ..Page 23. 1 photo

Completed ALs in the summer. Do not think I went on a family holiday this year but likely went camping with Sally in Wales- but could have been 1964? A neighbour of hers, Tony, lent us his landrover . Likely also went to a Guide camp. I might have started work at Adnitts, Northampton's Department store, during these holidays, in its accounts department. Then back to school, third year sixth, to prepare for Oxbridge Entrance exams- incredibly difficult. . After an interview I was offered a place before Christmas at Somerville to read Physics, starting October 1964 . I was given the option of taking Prelims in March 1964, or of taking Mods once up at Oxford, in the summer of 1965 : I chose the former, and thus returned to school for the winter term of 1964 to study for these. Was recommended to read Feynmann's books by Somerville . During the Christmas holidays I worked in the accounts department. at Adnitts.

1964. . . . . . Pages 24-25 . ~20 photos

Once I had taken prelims I went to work in Paintons, down in Kingsthorpe. I was meant to be helping the physicist there, but spent most of the 12 weeks wiring and soldiering resistors!- it did give me an insight into how deadly boring factory work was. But I was working with a nice bunch of ladies and going out a couple of times a week with David Dicks. Dad was Master of the Honor Dei Lodge that yearL an impressive Dinner/Dance at London Zoo. I made my long, olive green satin dress, as I had been making most of my clothes from the age of ~13: we had a treadle machine inside my large wardrobe. Ihen in October I went up to Somerville to read Physics. Initially Jane Wreford was also doing Physics but she changed to Chemistry within a few weeks. We had to spemd 2/3 mornings each week in the laboratory and when Jane quit I was landed with Bob Summerscales as a partner there. Luckily David Grant took pity on me and by the end of the year we became practical partners. My room in college was in West.

1965 . . . . . Pages 26-31. 48 photos: use half?

Oxford consisted of 3 terms of just 8 weeks each. Having become friendly with David by early December 1964, many letters winged between Ashton and Belfast during the s four weeks of Christmas holidays, and by the time term started in 1965 we were an item. He was at Pembroke, a brisk 10 minute walk distant. I had a bike which I used a lot in the first 2 years but then it was stolen. David and I enjoyed walking in the Parks, adjacent to the Physics labs.Somerville had their 3 yearly Ball this summer of 1965.I spent time in David's home at Cherryhill, Belfast and he came to stay at Ashton. . . Schoolfriend Margaret married Martin Parker. Hazel & Paul lent us their car and we camped with Gill & Martin in Perranporth during the summer vac. I also went over to Ireland and went to a Guide Camp near Alton Towers . For our 2nd year I was out in digs : quite far out in Hamilton Road

1966. . . . . . Pages 32- 41 . 58 photos- use ~half?

I celebrated my 21st birthday in the Dean's flat , where Jill & Linda had their lodgings in the 2nd Year. In the Summer term there was a Ball at Pembroke, with the Who and Manfred Mann. David bought an old blue mini, NVV 376, and I managed to park it outside the Proctor's Office!!: undergraduates were not allowed cars in Oxford!! . We got up early on May Day and drove to Stonehenge to see the sun rise- not a soul! In the long vacation we drove down to Greece, camping, for 6 weeks. The car broke down coming down the Gross Glockner, but was eventually repaired: whilst waiting for it we watched the England v.Germany football final in a local bar- surrounded by supporters for Germany!!For my final Oxford year I was in the Vaughan Block at Somerville .

1967. . . . . . Pages 42- 47 . Use ~30 of 58 photos

June saw us taking our Physics Finals, celebrated in a suitable form. Then got married in Pembroke College Chapel just 10 days after Finals. My mother made my dress and the wedding cake. David persuaded the Bursar to allow us to have the wedding in Pembroke Chapel, and the use of the Hall for the reception and he arranged all the catering. Robert Monie was the bestman, Fiona & Sally bridesmaids, Robert Bunting the organist, and I think Mrs Maynard did the flowers . The Rev Ed persuaded me to 'obey'! We were actually married officially the previous day in Oxford Registry Office- to save £50! We stayed for 2 nights at the Weston Manor Hotel, quite close to Oxford- unknown luxury!. We slept in 'Mad Maud's' room. Then we went back to Ashton for a night or two before setting off on our 6 week camping trip to Turkey in our new Comer Imp van, FWL 895E. Our route took us through Istanbul, then across the Bosphorus. Travelling there we often camped in the wild- to save money: we reckoned on spending £1 per day, either on petrol when travelling or food when stationary, We did have 2 boxes of basic food with us, and also some home baked cakes, of which we would have a slice after dark. One highlight was Pamukkale wth its hot themal pools - we splashed out here and took a hotel room, costing £1. Such bliss!. We were warned only to stay in official campsites- but there were only 5 of those in the whole country! Spent 6 weeks away, returing in time to start our new jobs at Unilever and English Electric, and to move into our first house, 27 Northcote Road, New Malden : this cost £3900 . We took possession of it & moved into it in September after our first week at work, me as a programer with English Electric above Whiteleys, Queensway,Bayswater; David on the Unilever Training Scheme with Lever Bros. in Fleet Street . Both firms had paid a hotel bill for this first week at work. Our neighbours had facilitated a bed being delivered: apart from that we had the 2 trunks and their contents that we had had at Oxford. We hired a sander and planed and varnished all the floors, having had at least one rug as a wedding present. In following months, with 2 salaries of ~£1000 each in the bank, we installed 4 storage heaters & acquired extra pieces of furniture. Within a couple of years we were quite cosy and David made a superb wardrobe for our bedroom

1968-1969 . Pages 48-49 ~12 photos

English Electric became part of ICL and my office was moved to Holborn in 1968. David and I would commute together to Waterloo in the mornings, often running along the footpath towards New Malden station as we heard the train behind us. Then we would walk over Waterloo Bridge, David continuing on to Fleet Street. In the next few years we bought 4 houses, one at a time, in Oxford. Went up to Oxford most weekends, directly after work, and converted them into student bedsits, returning late on the Sunday night. Owned these houses until about 1977, probably using the money to help buy Springwells. Drove up to the North Cape and back down through Finland, camping- all in 2-3 weeks

1970. . . . . Pages 50-51 . Use ~ 14, out of ~56, photos? .

Flew round the world courtesy of BOAC staff travel - I had started working there as a programer on 1/1/1969. We visited Hawai ( off loaded!) Fiji, New Zealand , Australia & Hongkong. I kept a diary of this holiday. We sold New Malden and bought a brand new house, in Horsell Crescent, Woking .First trip to Kenya, escorting school children back to England

1971. . . . Pages 52-53..... Use ?16 photos

Went from Mombasa, via Zanzibar, to several islands in the Seychelles, aboard the Lindblad Explorer.Went up to Oxford to collect our M.As. Took my mother to Detroit, to vist her brother, Lionel. Visited Barbados several times in the years 1970-1973. Then we would fly on to other islands like Trinidad & Tobago, Antigua or St Lucia. First visit to Malta. Another trip to Kenya

1972.. . . . Pages 54. . .Use ?6 photos . . . . leaves ~ 1 page per year for 1973 -2020

Trip to South Africa, visiting Uncle Len. Met Alison & Nigel at Victoria Falls. Charlie married Sue at Greenwich

1973... . . . Pages 55-56. . .Use ?12 photos

Lindbad Explorer to Papua New Guinea in May. Stopped work BOAC in August. Out to Lausanne October . Stephen born. Skied in Verbier. Broke knee

1974... . . . Pages 57-59 . . .Use ? 18 photos

We hired a Blue Line boat from Carcasonne on the Canal du Midi in April .David's parents came out to Lausanne. Fiona & Dick married in Killinchy. Joanna was born on 28/9/1974 in Clinique Les Charmettes

1975. .. . . . Pages 60-61. . .Use ? 12 photos

We moved to Friedrichsdorf, near Bad Homburg on 23/12/1974, staying only 5 months. Back to Woking. Visited Killinchy, then the south of Ireland. We moved from Woking to 33 West Temple, Sheen on 11/11/1975- photos in 1976 & 1977

1976. .. . . . Pages 62. . .Use ? 7 photos

Christopher was christened at Woolwich Arsenal . We explored the Camargue, Avignon, Nimes, Sete, staying in an old fashioned house near Arles. .

1977 .. . . . Pages 63. . .Use ? 7 photos

We sold Sheen to an Arab about Easter, having decided to buy Springwells, Steyning, an up market restaurant with 5 rooms. Holiday in the Algarve- Stephen's 4th birthday

1978. .. . . . Pages 64. . .Use ? 7 photos

We went to California, landing in Los Angeles driving up to San Francisco, its hills, trams and a boat trip to Alcatraz. Then to Yosemite - some access roads blocked by snow - and through Death Valley to Las Vegas. Then Phoenix and the Grand Canyon, and Disneyland

1979. .. . . . Pages 65. . .Use ? 7 photos

Disneyworld. Life at Steyning

1980. .. . . . Pages 66-67. . ..Use ? 8 photos, 2 each of KFH, Ireland, States & France

We sold Springwells in the Spring of 1980 and signed the contract to buy Kirkby Fleethem Hall, near Northallerton : we moved up there at the start of August, into one of the cottages in the grounds, but did not actually complete- for mutual convenience - until late October. Meanwhile we went to Ireland, and after that to the States, & finally camping in France. Separate photo book with K.F photos - Yorkshire Years

1981 .. . . Pages 68.

1982 .. . . . Page 69. . .Use ? 6 photos

Texas, New Orleans & DisneyWorld .

1983... . . . Pages 70. . .Use ? 6 photos

Lanzarote, then St Kitts & Nevis

1984.. . . . Pages 71. . .Use ? 6 photos

Madeira, Saba & Statia. Aysgarth & Queen Mary's

1985.. . . . Pages 72. . .Use ? 4 photos

Morocco & Mustique

1986.. . . . Pages 73-75. . .Use ?14 photos

Barbados Beach Village. Conneticutt. Julie's wedding. Renovated cottages . New Zealand

1987.. . . . Pages 76. . .Use ? 6/8 photos 33 more years- 44 more pages

Kenya Luxury Camping. Sold K F. Grenada

1988.. . . Pages 77-79. . .Use ?20 of many photos

Australia. Canal du Midi. Artemare.Disney World & Epcot. Loire. Chadlington ( more photos in 1989)

1989. . . . Pages 80. . .Use ? 6/8 photos

Henley. Ortrud. Boughton

1990.. . . Pages 81. . .Use ? 6/8 photos

Tobago. Henley. Harry Payne died. Ferringhi Beach- cheap!

1991.. . . Pages 82. . .Use ? 6/8 photos

Garden, Stephen & Gambia

1992.. . . Pages 83. . .Use ? 6/8 photos

Bridge. Lightweights. Silver wedding. Anorexia

1993-1994.. . . Pages 84. . .Use ? 6/8 photos

1995. . . . Pages 85. . .Use ? 6/8 photos

1996.. . . Pages 86-89. . .Use ? 20 photos

We sold Chadlington - for a considerable loss. Had a holiday in France, where I attended an OU French summer school, before moving into Corisande Manor mid September

1997-1998.. . . Pages 90. . .Use ? 6/8 photos

1999-2000 . . . Pages 91. . .Use ? 6/8 photos

2000s-corisande. . . Pages 92-93. . .Use ? 16 photos


2001 . . Pages 94 . .Use ? 6 photos

We holidayed in Western Australia and in the Cook Islands

2002. . . Pages 95. . .Use ? 7 photos

We holidayed in Langkawi . Margaret & I visited okd school friend Heather on the Scillies

2003 . . Pages 96-97. . .Use ? 12 photos

We took a last minute P & O Cruise up the Amazon. Then a month's holiday in New Zealand

2004 . . Pages 98-99. . .Use ? 14 photos

Bought a house in Moraira in February. Only returned to it in November, staying until early March. Explored Spain extensively

2005 . . Pages 100 . . .Use ? 7 photos

2006 . . Pages 101. . .Use ? 7 photos

2007 . . Pages 95. . .Use ? 7 photos


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