We eventually bought Flat 6 135 Triq Spinola St Julians in 2012. Had a short visit out there to equip it with the essential linen and hardware, before returning for 3 plus weeks over Christmas & New Year 2012.. Back there twice more, spring and autumn, in 2013. Then in February & July 2014, so far.

Link to Malta Flat photos


View from the balcony of the flat

Normally we walk everywhere, just 30 minutes down to Sliema, with its shops and the regular ferry across to Valleta. There is also an excellent bus service from St Julians into Sliama, Valleta and to the north.

Link to photos of places nearby the flat


The coastline to the north

To explore places further afield, in 2013 we rented a car for two days and retoured the island that we had first visited around 1971. Unfortunately the sea was so rough that we were unable to cross to Gozo. In 2014 we got around using black cabs, very reasonably priced. There are also open decked Hop On, Hop Off buses that continually circle the island: it seldom rains there

Link to places visited by car or black cab



Another visit in July 2014


A 2 minute walk to Portomaso Marina

Christmas 2014 Visit

2015 Visit

2016 Visit

2017. We sold the flat just after a visit in June and moved to Hilltop Retirement Village, Naxxar in December, arriving there on 9/12/2017


Chris Grant