Malta May 2015

Flew in after a pleasant night at Mas Duc, Brunyola, within 15 minutes of Girona Airport

mas-duc mas-duc-2 mas-duc-3 mas-duc-4
The outside of Mas Duc, the balcony of our room , the boyzz & David enjoying coffee by its lovely pool , and then a stretch leg
malta1 malta-2 malta-3 malta-4
2 views from our balcony: taking the horse to water & up, up & away! One of the bays on our daily walks and then a cool off
malta-5 malta-6 malta-7 malta-8
2 games at the Malta Union Club. A lunch on Manoel Island ,followed by bridge, with Phyllis & Janine & Maria-with wee Paco


cath-1 cath2 cath3 whin1 whin2
A true Maltese meal at Catherine's & Sonny's & wuith their son Gordon, & family,Christe & Juliana. Gary Whincop's paintings, framed & on the flat's walls


Life 2015