Nathaniel Handcox 1764-1838

1764 . Nathaniel Handcox was baptised 22/4/1764 Bubbenhall,Warwickshire to James & Frances Handcox -FS

1782. Nathaniel Handcox married Martha Webb on 28/10/1782 in Bubbenhall -FS. Also on FMP as Nathanell Handcox: image of banns also available, both of the parish of Bubbenhall.

1789, Thomas Hancox was baptised to Nathaniel and Martha on 3/5/1789 in Bubbenhall. Register shows pauper by the baptism- meaning that the parents did not pay for it - Ancestry

Martha & Nathaniel had the following 9 children baptised to them in Bubbbenhall: Mary 1782, Ann 1785, Martha 1787, Thomas 1789, John 1791, Nathaniel 1793, James 1794, Kitty 1797, William 1799

1793.A Nathaniel Handcox, no age given, is buried Bubbenhall, FMP-could well be his son, baptised the same year

1838. A Nathaniel Hancox died Warwick Sep 1838 - He was buried, aged 74, on 17/7/1838 in St Giles, Bubbenhall - : FMP National Burial records, under the name on Nathaniel Hancock