Elizabeth Whittred 1795 - 1868

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1795 Elizabeth Whitread was baptised to James Whitread and Ann Hammond on 14/6/1795 in East Bradenham, Norfolk .

1813.Elizabeth Whittred married Edward Newman19/10/1813 in East Bradenham, Norfolk . James Whittred, likely her father, was a witness


1814. James Newman was born to Edward & Elizabeth

1815. Her husband, Edward Newman, 29, dies. Buried East Bradenham on 26/6/1815

1820. Elizabeth Newman married Henry Archer on 27/8/1820 in East Bradenham, Norfolk .

1841C. Elizabeth Archer, 40-44, was living Blacksmths Yard, Little Dunham . Her husband a farm labourer. Baptism for John Archer in 1839 gives his mother as having been Elizabeth Whitred

Little Dunham ~ 10 k NW of Bradenham

Henry Archer Male 45 1796 Norfolk, England
Elizabeth Archer Female 40 1801 Norfolk, England
Robert Archer Male 13 1828 Norfolk, England
John Archer Male 11 1830 Norfolk, England
Hannah Archer Female 9 1832 Norfolk, England
George Archer Male 7 1834 Norfolk, England
Sarah Ann Archer Female 5 1836 Norfolk, England

1850. Her 2nd husband, Henry Archer, dies

1851C. Elizabeth Archer, 55, was living in the Street, Little Dunham

Elizabeth Archer Head Widow Female 55 1796 Char Woman East Bradenham Norfolk, England
Robert Archer Son Unmarried Male 23 1828 Groom To Mr Welson Little Dunham, Norfolk, England
George Archer Son - Male 17 1834 Groom To Mr Buscall Little Dunham, Norfolk, England
Sarah Archer Daughter - Female 15 1836 - Little Dunham, Norfolk, England


1861C . Elizabeth Archer, widow, 67, was living 4 North Street, Little Dunham. No occupation given

Elizabeth Archer Head Widow Female 67 1794 - East Bradenham, Norfolk, England

1868 . Elizabeth Archer,75, was buried 4/3/1868 in St Margarets, Little Dunham - Ancestry, image available


Grave in Little Dunham, of Elizabeth Archer, who died 28/2/1868, aged 75

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