Violet Newman 1893-1987


1893. Violet Newman was born 15/10/1893 to James Newman & Mary Jex. She was baptised at St James the Evangelist, Kings Lynn on 15/4/1894, her father a fireman

1901C. Violet Newman, 7, ,was living Browns Yard, Friars Street, South Lynn, Kings Lynn . Her father, James, was likely at sea

Mary Newman Wife Married Female 40 1861 - Swanton Morley, Norfolk, England
Cecil James Newman Son Single Male 17 1884 Laborer In Brickyard King's Lynn, Norfolk, England
Elizabeth Newman Daughter Single Female 11 1890 - King's Lynn, Norfolk, England
Evelyn Newman Daughter - Female 9 1892 - King's Lynn, Norfolk, England
Violet Newman Daughter - Female 7 1894 - King's Lynn, Norfolk, England
Elsie Newman Daughter - Female 4 1897 - King's Lynn, Norfolk, England

1911C. Violet Newman, 17, scullery maid, was living at the Glebe House School , Hunstanton, Norfolk. She was seemingly engaged to be married about this time to a James Burton, but he had adalliance with her elder sister, Elizabeth, as a result of which George Edward Burton Newman was born on 9/7/1911. She broke off the engagement and never married . It seems that Dad’s father was the fiancé of one of the other sisters, Violet. When this came out she chucked him and never married which explains the antagonism which was always there between the 2 sisters.

Do any photos exist of the sisters??

Neville Barber Boarder Single Male 26 1885 Preparatory School Secretary Yorks Halifax
William Crouch Boarder Single Male 26 1885 Assistant Master Cambs Fulbourne
Arthur Renshaw Boarder Single Male 22 1889 Assistant Master Derbyshire Chapel En C Frill
Arthur Renshaw Boarder Single Male 22 1889 Assistant Master Resident West India Antigna St Johns
Herbert Head Servant Single Male 28 1883 Butler Domestic Norfolk Dereham
Gilbert Stone Servant Single Male 21 1890 Footman Domestic Norfolk Thorpe St Andrews
Frances Harlow Servant Single Female 35 1876 Cook Domestic Kent Ramsgate
Chrissie Lamb Servant Single Female 26 1885 Housemaid Domestic Suffolk Lowestoft
Violet Newman Servant Single Female 17 1894 Scullery Maid Domestic Norfolk Kings Lynn
Alice Cooper Servant Single Female 18 1893 Kitchen Maid Domestic Norfolk Dereham
Ethel Harvey Servant Single Female 26 1885 Housemaid Domestic Norfolk Dunston
Minnie Gaskin Servant Single Female 21 1890 Housemaid Domestic Norfolk Kenninghall
Margaret Gottwaltz Boarder Single Female 25 1886 Assistant Matron Berks Windsor

1939 Register . Violet Newman, born 15/10/1893, was a domestic servant at Sprowston Lodge Rackheslth, Norwich, owned by the Lowry Cole family

Lowy A C Cole 10 Apr 1878 Male Director (Mann Egerton & Co L Poswich Married 77 1
Adelaide G Cole 11 Apr 1891 Female Unpaid House Duties Married 77 2
Arthur L H Cole 26 Feb 1911 Male Theological Student Single 77 3
Elizabeth J Cole 02 Nov 1919 Female None (Kept By Parents) Single 77 4
Rachel A Aryorett (Cole) 12 Sep 1912 Female Auxilliary Territorial Serv Single 77 5
Maria R Prattbarlow 20 Jan 1858 Female Private Means Widowed 77 6
Edith Littlewood 29 Sep 1877 Female Visiting Companion Single 77 7
Diana R E Adams (Pearce) 15 May 1914 Female Domestic Servant Single 77 8
Violet Newman 15 Oct 1893 Female Domestic Servant Single 77 9
Ethel M Browne (Oakly) 02 Feb 1922 Female Domestic Servant Single 77 10
Ann E Dorman 19 Jul 1920 Female Domestic Servant Single 77 11
The record for this person is officially closed.
Amy H Dagless (Long) 04 Nov 1886 Female Domestic Servant Single 77 13
Annie H Howell 15 Feb 1879 Female Domestic Servant Single 77 14
Alice E De'Ath (Richard) 23 Oct 1922 Female Domestic Servant Single 77 15

2016 post:

The house, Sprowston Lodge, was built in 1801 by John Morse (an important Norwich brewer, Mayor, Sherriff and High Sherriff in 1801 (Georgian). It was then passed to members of the Stracey family (from nearby Rackheath Hall), who built the coach house and workers’ cottages (which still exist in a very derelict state) from 1836. It was in a lot of commercial use until the late 1890s, in the Victorian era, with 16 house servants being on site.
By 1916, it was bought by the Lowry Cole family (connected with the Mann Egerton car company) and it ended with the widow dying there in a big fire in 1965. The current ownership is with the Hackett family from an auction in 1966, who rebuilt the property.
Although the house is called Sprowston Lodge, it is well within the parish boundaries of Rackheath, with it’s 50+ acreage.

Unfortunately, Mrs Hackett, now aged 96, nor her family, have ever researched the property themselves.

1970s. In a 2004 letter to Margaret, Pam's daughter, Judy, said that whilst Violet was still compus mentis, Violet had talked to Pam about her fiance; he lived and worked in Sutton Bridge and was still alive when she told all of this to Pam- she, Judy, suggested Margaret did some sleuthing with Tilly .

Could Judy date this 'story' to the early 70s, late 70s, early 80s ??

1987. Violet Newman, born 15/10/1893, died Chichester Jun 1987 . No probate: Sadie seems to have her Will


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