George Edward Burton Newman 1911-1962

I may have more info about my Dad as Audrey (wife of Jeff, brother of Jean, Mary and Tilly/Maud children of Florrence Newman 1889) has sent me the address of Colin, son of Mary who apparently knew a lot about my father. He actually lives quite near us but I will leave it until Christmas is over to contact him as he maybe quieter and more willing to give some information. I do not ever remember meeting him but I remember his Mum Mary very well. I am still waiting for Clifford- son of Tilly? - to get back to me but as they are butchers they are very busy so again I will leave it til after Christmas and follow it up then. Dec2020

Margaret has now spoken to Colin, but did not learn anything new

Interestingly, Hazel said she was sure my Dad never lived with them. She also said that Pam was renowned for putting her own spin on facts so what she told me may not be accurate! It is of course possible that she did not remember. My father would have been about 15 when Hazel was born so could have been with them and then moved on without her remembering though obviously Pam would have been old enough to remember. Hazel is now 94 she said. Hazel left home at 14 to go into hairdressing and then went into the WRENS. Pam met husband Bill before they both went into the airforce. Hazel said to contact Audrey, wife of Geoff, son of Florrie and thus Uncle to Clifford. Again lovely long chat. Audrey said she knew my Mum quite well but she never talked about my father – what a surprise. Then it was Audrey who told me about Colin and sent his address. Out of the blue he rang at the beginning of the week. That was so lovely. I didn’t learn anything about my father but it was great to link up with someone whom I didn’t know existed and lives not far away!!! He was very chatty. son of Mary, grandson of Florrie (Florrie, he said, died young of ovarian/cervical cancer) . There are 5 of them – Alan, Coin, Jenny, Hazel and Sandra. He is still in contact with  Clifford. Colin has been married to David for 14 years and was a resuscitation nurse, now with his own company teaching resuscitation here, in the Channel Islands and Malta. He is 67. We will meet up when we are allowed but I don’t think I am going to learn anything more. I have also spoken to Clifford. He has a chain of butchers in and around Kings Lynn now run by his sons. However, due to Covid their business has increased by 60% so he is helping 7 days a week and hasn’t had a chance to look into anything yet. However, he is interested and asked me to let him how it is going. - 23/1/2021




Secretary of Northampton Town & County Tennis Club and a member of Northampton Theatre Guild & Boothville Players



1911. George Edward Burton Newman was born to James Burton & Elizabeth Newman on 9/7/1911 Kings Lynn



He was baptised on 6/8/1911 in Gaywood Church; his mother's address the same as in April 1911 for the 1911C.

paradise . gaywood

Paradise Lane . . . . . . . . . . . Gaywood Church


George aged ~2

It seems that Dad’s father was the fiancé of one of the other sisters, Violet Newman, 1894. When this came out she chucked him and never married which explains the antagonism which was always there between the 2 sisters. I was told Elizabeth was sent to London where she had my father. They then returned to the family home where the story was circulated that Elizabeth had been married but her husband had been killed. I assume his grandmother looked after him while his mother went to work – she was a seamstress at Sandringham. At some stage he went to live with his Aunt Elsie (one of the other sisters) who brought him up with her two daughters Pamela 1922 and Hazel 1926. They were so close that Pam said until she was about 11 she thought he was her brother! In his early 20s he fell in love with a lovely girl (according to Pam) and was about to marry her when her parents found out he was illegitimate and sent their daughter away and banned the marriage. So sad. Apparently he was devastated. It was later he met my mother.

But Hazel has no memory of him ever living with her parents, so I guess he must have moved out by ~1928, she then aged 2, he aged 17

In a 2004 letter to Margaret, Pam's daughter, Judy, said that whilst Violet was still compus mentis, Violet had talked to Pam about her fiance; he lived and worked in Sutton Bridge and was still alive when she told all of this to Pam- she suggested Margaret did some sleuthing with Tilly .

Could Judy date this 'story' to the early 70s, late 70s, early 80s ??

1935. He might be living at 32 Holland Road, Kensington- which is where his mother is living in the 1939 Register - or he could just be buying furniture for his mother!



How did they meet?



1939. George Edward Newman, 29, clerk, married Elsie L Marshall , 31, civil servant, on 29/4/1939 in St Jude's Church, Kensington .Her father William Marshall, chauffeur, his James Burton Newman, publican. Her address 26 ?Hissors? Mews, S W, his Belmont, Hillier's Lane, Beddington, Surrey . Witnesses were William Marshall, K.G. Marshall & Elizabeth Morley - his mother





wedd1 . wedd2

George & Elsie . . . . . . . . . . .?, ?Elizabeth Morley , George, Elsie, Lucy Amy Marshall & William Marshall? looks too young for 61!!: maybe Elsie's brother??

1939 register . George E Newman, born 9/7/1911, draughtsman(engineer), was living Wallis's Wandle Mills, Beddington. as a fireman with 9 other firemen. His newly married wife was living elsewhere in Beddingon

1939. George Newman became an Associate of the Corporation of Certified Secretaries on 13/12/1939


He was a part time fireman in the war : from 24/5/38 to 18/6/41 and from 17/8/41 to 30/8/45 . Working in the Aeronautics industry made him exempted from war service

fire2. fireman . fire1 .

George Newman trained as a Cost and Works Accountant, qualifying in December 1942 . He became an Associate in September 1943 , then a Fellow in January1951

cost1 .cost2 .cost3


1945. Margaret Ann Newman was born in the War Memorial Hospital, Carshalton on 8/3/1945. George an Engineer Cost Accountant of 168 Croydon Road, Beddington & Wallington


~1948. George Newman moved his family to Northampton. He bought 38 Lyncroft Way, Kingsthorpe- a brand new house . It was a 3 bedroomed endof terrace with a garage

lyncroft way

A house in Lyncroft Way. I think theirs was an end terrace with a garage- Margaret photo please

Whilst with Brown Bros he met Jean Lane, born 1929, developing a relationship with her, and also be coming friendly with her parents, George Cyril Lane & Winifred May Clarke, who had only married in 1943- so not sure whether Winifred was indeed Jean's mother!! Michael A C Lane was born 1944- he died 1974. Margaret remembers Jean & Michael. She also stayed at the family home at 19? Vernon Terrace, Northampton for 2 weeks once whilst her parents went on holiday. When she was at Spring Hill School, Derngate, 1950-1952 she would walk to Vernon Terrace( at least a kilometre, crossing 2 main roads) for her lunch! Jean bought her a teddy bear and was a warm, loving person.

George Lane married Ivy A Barrick Newport P. Dec 1917 Harold G E Lane was born 4/10/1920

In 1939 Register, George Lane,28/11/1893, boot operative, Ivy A Lane 8/4/1895 & Harold GE Lane 4/10/1920.are living 15 Queens Road Wollaston, Wellingborough

George C Lane married Winifred M Clarke Northampton Dec 1943( no death for Ivy 1939-1943 or later!!) . Michael AC Lane was born Northampton Mar1944

Jean Lane wanted him to marry her, but he would not as he feared he would lose his daughter, Margaret. So Jean ended the relationship

1948. He inherited a house in Dersingham from his mother, Elizabeth Morley and would appear not to have sold it until 1953

.talg2. talg1


. .southgate-sale

He was Secretary of Northampton Town & County Tennis Club and a member of Northampton Theatre Guild & Boothville Players

g-e-young . g-young . g-e-young3


georhe-tennis . walk

George on the left- maybe walking up north with Bill Andrews . . . . . . . . . .


Some time later, George Newman went on a walking holiday up north with Bill Archer( who had married his cousin Pamela Archer in 1942) and it was during this time that he met Ruby Eleanor Pickersgill.and began a relationship with her that likely lasted until he became ill in 1962. One weekend a month he went away to a 'board meeting'!, often returning with a new interest such as jazz. Margaret was puzzled by this, so did his wife also suspect?? Pam and Bill tried to dissuade him in this affair- Pam spoke to Margaret about it before her death


g-e . g-e2


More memories of him - Margaret - eg car rallies, tennis, plays, badminton??? Driving lessons, 8/3/1962 - end March say??

1962. George Edward Newman, 50, company secretary, died of stomach cancer 17/4/1962 in Northampton General Hospital. He had been ill for 2-3 months, in excrutiaiting pain at home, and admitted back into hospital for his final days He left £ 4294. .



.will1 . will2

An interesting part of his will , only written 6 weeks before his death, on 9/3/1962 £250 and his motor car to Ruby Eleanor Pickersgill of 10 Bridge Street, Reading - 1919-2007. Ruby Eleanor Pickersgill, still single, died at 10 Bridge Street, Reading in 2007 . Peverelle Ancestry tree exists

This seemingly came as a shock to his wife. Her solicitors got Ruby to agree to forego the £250 but she took the car ( in which Margaret was learning to drive): Margaret remembers her arriving at their house and driving the car out of the garage and away!! . .

readng2.reading2 ,

10 Bridge Street, Reading, the home of Ruby Eleanor Pickersgill . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and a map showing its position






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