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1889. Elizabeth Newman was born to James Newman & Mary Jex Kings Lynn Mar 1890. From the 1939 register, she was born 24/11/1889. Baptised in Gaywood with Bawsey & Mintlyn on 16/3/1890 to James, fireman, and Mary, address Highgate, Gaywood -FMP image available . Gaywood only 1 k NE of Kings Lynn centre

Photo of St Faiths, Gaywood

1891C. Elizabeth Newman,1, was living Double Row. St Margarets, Kings Lynn

James Newman Head Married Male 28 1863 General Labourer Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, England
Mary Newman Wife Married Female 31 1860 - Swanton Morley, Norfolk, England
Cecil J Newman Son - Male 7 1884 Scholar Kings Lynn Norfolk, England
Julia Newman Daughter - Female 5 1886 Scholar Hampstead , Middlesex, England
Ethel M Newman Daughter - Female 4 1887 Scholar Hampstead Middlesex, England
Florence L Newman Daughter - Female 2 1889 - Kings Lynn Norfolk, England
Elizabeth Newman Daughter - Female 1 1890 - Kings Lynn Norfolk, England

1901C. Elizabeth Newman, 11, ,was living Browns Yard, Friars Street, South Lynn, Kings Lynn . Where is her father, James?? Likely at sea

Mary Newman Wife Married Female 40 1861 - Swanton Morley, Norfolk, England
Cecil James Newman Son Single Male 17 1884 Laborer In Brickyard King's Lynn, Norfolk, England
Elizabeth Newman Daughter Single Female 11 1890 - King's Lynn, Norfolk, England
Evelyn Newman Daughter - Female 9 1892 - King's Lynn, Norfolk, England
Violet Newman Daughter - Female 7 1894 - King's Lynn, Norfolk, England
Elsie Newman Daughter - Female 4 1897 - King's Lynn, Norfolk, England

1911C. Elizabeth Newman, 21, was living 3 Paradise lane, Kings Lynn , St Margarets in 4 rooms . Where is her father, James?? Likely at sea

Mary Newman Wife Married Female 51 1860 - Swanton Morley Norfolk
Florence Lily Newman Daughter Single Female 22 1889 Domestic Servant Kings Lynn Norfolk
Elizabeth Newman Daughter Single Female 21 1890 Domestic Servant Kings Lynn Norfolk
Robert Henry Newman Son - Male 15 1896 Errand Boy Kings Lynn Norfolk


1911. She gives birth to George Edward Burton Newman on 9/7/1911- his b.c. states Kings Lynn though family lore has her being sent to London to give birth

It seems that George's father was the fiancé of one of the other sisters, Violet Newman, 1893. When this came out she chucked him and never married which explains the antagonism which was always there between the 2 sisters. I was told Elizabeth was sent to London where she had my father. They then returned to the family home, in Paradise Lane, where the story was circulated that Elizabeth had been married but her husband had been killed. I assume his grandmother, Mary, looked after him while his mother went to work – she was a seamstress at Sandringham. At some stage he went to live with his Aunt Elsie (one of the other sisters, 1897) who brought him up with her two daughters Pamela 1922 and Hazel 1926. They were so close that Pam said until she was about 11, ~ 1932, she thought he was her brother: Elsie did not marry until 1920, so likely George stayed with his gtandmother and mother in Kings Lynn for the first 9 years, at least, of his life

1927. Elizabeth Newman marries William Morley Kings Lynn Jun 1927 : his wife, Mary, had died in 1925 and Elizabeth was his housekeeper. William had owned Talgarth, Glebe Road, Dersingham from 1925. He had a son abroad who was said to have returrned for his funeral ?? - follow this up


William & Elizabeth Morley ~1928


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1929. Her husband, William Morley, died on 18/7/1929. Probate of £1101


She seemingly inherited Talgarth, keeping it until 1948 when she transferred it to her son, George




Talgarth, Glebe Road, Dersingham, Norfolk . Mrs Elizabeth Morley( widow of William Morley who owned the deeds by 1925 )& John Christopher Woodend & James Blackburn


1928-1931. Elizabeth Morley appears at Glebe Road, Dersingham in the yearly Electoral Rolls, with her husband for the first 2 years - FMP

1931-1935. Elizabeth Morley moved to 32, Holland Park Road, Kensington, London , although she was seemingly the owner of Talgarth, Glebe Road, Dersingham up until 1948 following her husband's death . Maybe she did not move until 1935 as there is a furniture receipt for this year- but more likely she moved by 1932 and lived in furnished accomodation


1939. Elizabeth Morley was a witness at her son's wedding on 29/4/1939 in Kensington.

1939 Register. . Elizabeth Morley, born 24/11/1889, was living 32, Holland Road, Kensington



No London Electoral rolls on FMP or Ancestry after ~1930

1948. Elizabeth Morley transfers her house in Dersingham to her son, George Newman, Her lodger, Thomas John Purvis . is already living there

~1950-1978 . Elizabeth Morley lived at 58 Chesson Road, West Kensington. Margaret remembers visiting her there-'an old battleaxe' "She was living at 59 Chesson Road London W.14 when she died and lived there all the time  I knew her. She had a lodger called Thomas John Purvis (Known as Jock). But the relationship may have been more than a lodger as I have a copy of his will in which he left her all his possessions, £51. . He died , aged 72, on 17 September 1958 and Elizabeth's son, George Edward Newman, was the executor . She was known to social security- as after she died they chased the estate for reimbursement of fraudulent claims as she had never told them she had lodgers living in the house (it was rented so no sale). Then. after Jock's death, she had other lodgers: she did not trust the last female lodger" - Margaret


jock . eliz-jock

Thomas John Purvis, kown as Jock , her long term lodger . . . . . . . . . . . A pub celebration , maybe ~ 1950, attended by Jock & Elizabeth

In 1911C. Thomas John Purvis,24, born Edinburgh, lived in Fulham, had married Violet Hollier (in 1908, Fulham, not in C of E) , had a 1 year old son and worked in the serving room of a hotel. From the Rosemary Holland An cestry tree his wife died 1970 in Lothingland Sep, Suffolk- she born 16/9/1891: she is in the 1939 register at 32,Linden Grove, Camberwell, as married, domestic service paid, with a Frances Fox, born 1883, retired staff cook

In 1939 Register, maybe, Thomas John Purvis, born 17/6/1887. engineer laundry, is living with an Ellen Purvis, born 29/3/1886, at 14 the Drive, Wood Green : no marriage to an Ellen 1912-1939 on bmd ! & no suitable death for an Ellen Purvis in the south of England. So she likely a common law wife

Margaret remebers Jock sitting in a rocking chair at her grandmother's, not taking any part in the conversation.

photo of Betty dated 1971??


1978. Elizabeth Morley, 89, died 20/5/1978. She hated the church WHY? & left her body to medical research


It is thought that she left most of her money to charity. George Archer, the husband of her niece Hazel Archer 1926 was the executor


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