Joseph Marshall 1776-1856

Agricultural labourer

Writtle ~2 k W of Chelmsford. Chignal Smealey ~ 6 k N of Writtle

_1776.Joseph Marshall was born in Little Bardfield to parents unknown. No baptism on IGI . Baptism likely available on Seax

1806. Joseph Marshall married Ruth Martin on 25/12/1806 in Chignal Smealey _ FMP & Ancestry, no image given

1811. James Marshall was born to Joseph & Ruth. Baptised on 2/9/1811 in Chignall Smeaney

Children were: Elizabeth Marshall, John Marshall, James Marshall, Aaron Marshall, Sarah Marshall, Joseph Marshall, Robert Marshall, Lucy Marshall, Eleanor Marshall - from IGI

1841C. Joseph, 65, & Ruth, 55, Marshall are living at Dyen Hall, Chignal Smealey, Chelmsford

Joseph Marshall Male 65 1776 ag. lab., Essex, England
Ruth Marshall Female 55 1786 Essex, England
Robert Marshall Male 15 1826 Essex, England
Elinor Marshall Female 12 1829 Essex, England


1851C. Joseph, 76, & Ruth, 66, Marshall are living at Perry House, Chignal Smealey, Chelmsford

Joseph Marshall Head Married Male 76 1775 Formerly Ag Lab Little Bardfield, Essex, England
Ruth Marshall Wife Married Female 66 1785 - Chignall Smealy, Essex, England

1853.Ruth Marshall dies Chelmsford Mar 1853. Buried, aged 67, St Nicholas, Chignall Smealey on 13/2/1853

1856. Joseph Marshall dies Chelmsford Dec 1855?? . Buried, aged 80, St Nicholas, Chignall Smealey on 30/12/1856

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