Mary Large ~1792-1851

Born Norfolk

1818 .Mary Large married John Jex on 10/12/1818 in Swanton Abbott, Norfolk


1822. Robert Jex was born to John & Mary in Wendling, Norfolk. Wendling ~ 38k ESE of Kings Lynn. Baptised 3/4/1822- IGI

1841C. John Jex, 40, was living Green Gate, Swanton Morley, Mitford with his wife, Mary, 45- ages rounded down

John Jex Male 40 1801 Norfolk, England
Mary Jex Female 45 1796 Norfolk, England
Ann Jex Female 15 1826 Norfolk, England
John Jex Male 12 1829 Norfolk, England
William Jex Male 1 1840 Norfolk, England

1848. John Jex, 51, died. He was buried in Swanton Morley on 19/4/1848- Ancestry, image exists

1851. Mary Jex, 59, died. She was buried in Swanton Morley on 17/3/1851- Ancestry, image exists


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