Ann Everett 1796- ~1868

1818. James Battle married Ann Everett on 10/7/1818 in Stebbing . Both residing in Stebbing- FMP

1819. John Battle was baptised to James , labourer, & Ann on 18/7/1819 in Stebbing

1840 A James Battle , 81, was buried 8/1840 St the Virgin Stebbing- unlikely to be the father of John!!

Ann's husband, James alive ~1833 when their youngest son was born & baptised on 14/7/1833, James then given as labourer. Thus seemingly died 1833-1841

A James Battle, 34, was buried Stebbing on 10/11/1833- almost certainly him

1841C. Ann Battle, 45, was living Stebbing Bran End, Stebbing, Dunmow, Essex,. Seemingly widowed

Ann Battell Female 45 1796 Essex, England
Thomas Battell Male 15 1826 Essex, England
Ann Battell Female 13 1828 Essex, England
Samuel Battell Male 11 1830 Essex, England
James Battell Male 8 1833 Essex, England

In the same ares of Stebbing Bran End, - her son John who had married in 1839

John Battell Male 20 1821 ag.lab., Essex, England
Elizabeth Battell Female 20 1821 Essex, England

1851C. This missing for Stebbing

1861C.Anna Battle, 65, born Great Easton, was living Bran End, Stebbing, Dunmow, Essex,.

Anna Battle Head Widow Female 65 1796 - Great Easton, Essex, England

1868. Seems to die before 1871C Only death is of a Mary Ann Battyll, 72, Dunmow Jun 1868

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