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Who were the parents of John Richards, born Lambeth ~1797?

I can find no proof, yet I feel Lewis Richards & Jane Roberts were very likely his parents- see below - in which case the family originated

Searched [August 2009] the St.George the Martyr church baptism records, 1794 -1798, X092/032, for both his baptism & that of his future wife, Elizabeth Blacker, without success. Also searched , online, baptisms 1794-1813 of St.Mary At Lambeth for any Richards: nothing [ & do not think there were any Blackers there either]. Wait for London Parish records, 1790-1800, to be indexed on Ancestry?- looked for these 2020, no luck . Also searched on IGI, which has a lot of St. Marys Lambeth births, marriages & burials

1792. A Lewis Richards, address Wall, buried in St. Mary's Lambeth - this a seemingly unrelated fact!

The one clue I have is that Lewis Richards & Mary Richards were the witnesses on the 1820 mc of John Richards to Elizabeth Blacker, this in the St. George the Martyr Church, Southwark.

A Lewis Richards married Harriott Cooper on 31/10/1790 in St. Mary's Lambeth - indexed, Ancestry London marriages, as 1890!!!. Witness: James Lewis - is this a coincidence or was he a brother?, with old Welsh form of the name.


From IGI & Ancestry, Lewis & Harriet Richards had a daughter Mary baptised 6/4/1794 at St. Mary's Lambeth, probably buried 10/11/1795, address Belmont, at St. Marys Lambeth . Harriott Richards died 15/2/1795, buried St. Mary's Lambeth, and then -

Lewis Richards, widower, m. Jane Roberts, spinster, 18/10/1795 at St Mary's Lambeth - no Richards witnesses -and baptised to them: Lewis Richards 4/11/1798, Mary Richards 3/9/1800, Jane Richards 3/2/1802, Sarah 1804, Henry 1806, William 1809, Henry 1811, George 2/7/1814, Henry 25/5/1817 & George 21/3/1822, father Lewis given as carpenter, living High Street at St Mary's Lambeth , London Ancestry , [ it is possible that the Jane who married in 1795 could still be producing children in 1822, aged 46]. BUT, no baptism for a John 1791-8. The elder Lewis Richards a carpenter, like John 1797.

Following his life, I found:

1841C. Louis Richards 75, carpenter and Jane 65 laundress living in High Street, Lambeth. Neither born in Surrey. So Jane Roberts/Richards born~ 1776. Thus she would have been ~ 46 when producing her last child.

1851C. Lewis [ transcribed perhaps as David?] Richards, 76, visitor Head, labourer, b.Carmarthen, Jane 74, b. Newington, Jane 46 b. Lambeth, no occupations, at 3 Union Street Lambeth _ lots of other people living in same house! Lewis has suddenly lost 9 yrs in age! - he must have been born by 1771 at the latest

1853 Lewis Richards, aged 87, born 1766, is buried 5/3/1853 at St Marys Lambeth. Ancestry Burial record gives address as John Street Lambeth

Jane Richards buried 19/11/1853, aged 78, born 1775, in St. Marys Lambeth. Ancestry Burial record gives address as Paradise Street Lambeth

I do not know what became of the graveyard there. The church, with Thames river frontage, became the Museum of Garden History in 1972.

http://www.burial.magic-nation.co.uk/bglambeth.htm shows what was once there.

Do not seem to be any other Lambeth church records I can search on Ancestry. . But, Surrey Parish records are now -June 2013 - available, but seem devoid of any Richards deaths in Lambeth!!! Have come to the inclusion that 'Surrey' does not include Lambeth in its records!

A possible Lewis Richards b.~ 1766 Carmarthen is baptised 19/11/1768 at CYNWYL GAEO,CARMARTHEN,WALES to a Richard Lewis - IGI. Welsh names were reversed back then!

And a Richard Lewis marries a Margaret Davies on 10/4/1765 Saint Peter, Carmarthen, Carmarthen,Wales - IGI

I would suggest then, from Lewis Richards being a witness at John's 1820 marriage, that John had a father Lewis [ first married to Harriott, who died, & then remarried to Jane Roberts in 1795] &/or a brother Lewis:

1814.14/7/1814 Lewis Richards was bound as an Apprentice Waterman to Master Thomas Alex Roberts, date of freedom 1822 Thomas Roberts likely a relation, as his mother was Jane Roberts.

1824. Lewis Richards, 1798, married Mary Bartlett in Oct 1824 at St. George the Martyr: only banns found online- so father not known - and marriage on Pallotts Index online[ this just 2 signatures!!]

1841C. Lewis & wife Mary Ann Richards - Lewis b.~1800, no occupation listed but waterman in 1851. Children Elizabeth 15, William 12, George 6, James 4, MaryAnn 6mths in 1841, living ?/, New Street, Union Road, Lambeth .

1841. Lewis's wife died on 2/8/1841 at 3 Providence?? Place, New Street, Union Street, Lambeth of a Diseased womb. He, Lewis, a waterman . Certificate kindly sent by Mark Daly who also has a Mary Ann Richards/ Bearfield ancestor of similar age.


1851C. Lewis Richards, 51, widower, waterman, born Lambeth, living with George, James, Mary Ann & a housekeeper with her daughter. . No one on Genes or Ancestry.co.uk researching him, Sep 2009. Also online at St Mary At Lambeth: a Lewis Richards born 1828, was buried 1829 & the baptisms of the surviving children: William 1832 , Elizabeth, Louisa, Sarah, last 3 all 1833 - do Louisa & Sarah die 1833-1841? - George Henry 1835, James 1837 & Mary Ann 1840 , all to Lewis & Mary, he a waterman. I think this Lewis is the 1798 son of Lewis & Jane, maybe a brother or half brother of my John

1851C. A Tobias Blacker, 59, b.Chilton Somerset, living Wandsworth, has a son born in Wandsworth ~1831 who is a waterman: Blacker-Richards-profession coincidence here??

Cannot find the death of this younger Lewis Richards 1851-1899 in Surrey, nor can I find him in 1861C. Did he emigrate?? Son James Richards ~1837 also missing. Son William Richards marries Elizabeth Ann Gordon, 12/8/1850, in St John the Evangelist, Lambeth, father Lewis Richards, waterman. Son George Henry Richards marries Ann Greenwood 23/5/1858 in St John the Evangelist, Lambeth, father Lewis Richards, waterman.. Cannot find a Mary Ann Richards Lambeth marriage with father Lewis. Similarly I lose track of my John & Elizabeth Richards ~1797 between 1851 & 1861 and suspect they emigrated too. .

A theory could be that John was born to Harriet in 1795, she dying in childbirth and his father omiitted to have him baptised, what with the burial and his subsequent remarriage to think about. Another theory could be that John was born as John Roberts to single mother Jane Roberts just before her 1795 marriage to Lewis: this not supported in London Baptisms nor on IGI!



Another Lewis Richards family also existed at St. Mary Newington :

Lewis & Catherine Richards had a son Robert baptised there in 1766.

Another Lewis born~1826, buried 1832 St Mary Newington- did not find his baptism..

Also Lewis Richards having children with Grace 1778-1781 Westminster & a Lewis Richards marriage is recorded in 1814 to an Elizabeth Sparrow Westminster. Another Lewis & Sarah Richards having children 1789-1796 Battersea:



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