Thomas Howson 1891-1940

"Tim Howson told me that his grandfather John was shot up in WW1 near Ypres, taken to a casualty station where the army surgeon was going to amputate both lower legs!! He begged the surgeon to patch them up instead, he agreed and John had to have special raised shoes and walked with two sticks for the rest of his life. John the 1894 brother of Thomas



Thomas in 1930

1891. Thomas Howson was born 5/5/1891 at 8 Tarling Street , St George in the East , to George Howson, dock labourer, & Emma Mitchell


1901C. Thomas Howson, 9, was living 13 Juniper Street, Shadwell, Stepney with his parents, his father a Dock labourer, & 7 siblings

George Howson Head Married Male 39 1862 Dock Labr Whitechapel, Middlesex, England
Emma Howson Wife Married Female 38 1863 - London, England
Charles Howson Son Single Male 17 1884 Packer Tobacco Facty Hackney, Middlesex, England
Emma Howson Daughter - Female 15 1886 Packer Tobacco Facty Hackney, Middlesex, England
Florence Howson Daughter - Female 12 1889 - St George's, Middlesex, England
Thomas Howson Son - Male 9 1892 - St George's, Middlesex, England
John Howson Son - Male 7 1894 - St George's, Middlesex, England
William Howson Son - Male 5 1896 - St George's, Middlesex, England
Eliza Howson Daughter - Female 2 1899 - Shadwell, Middlesex, England
Margaret Howson Daughter - Female 1 1900 - Shadwell, Middlesex,

1911C. Thomas Howson, 19, Platen hand, was living 177 High Street, Shadwell, with his parents, his father a Permanent labourer with the Port of London Authority , & 6 siblings in 4 rooms. His parents had been married 28 years, 9 children, 2 of whom had died

platens are designed to handle cutting, creasing and embossing of paper

George Howson Head Married Male 49 1862 Permanent Labourer London Whitechapel
Emma Howson W Married Female 48 1863 - London Shoreditch
Emma Howson Daughter Single Female 25 1886 Biscuit Packer South Hackney
Florence Howson Daughter Single Female 22 1889 Book Folder London St Georges E
Thomas Howson Son Single Male 19 1892 Palten Hand London St Georges E
John Howson Son Single Male 17 1894 Clerk London St Georges E
William Howson Son Single Male 15 1896 Printers Boy London Shadwell
Eliza Howson Daughter - Female 12 1899 School London Shadwell
Ellen Ireland Boarder Single Female 20 1891 Labeler London Ratcliffe


Thomas & Ellen in 1915

1916. Thomas Howson, 25, printer, married Ellen S Ireland, 25. Stepney Jun 1916 - Banns, 19/3, 26/3 & 2/4 , on Ancestry C of E marriages : both addresses 25 Belgrave Street - on 22/4/1916 in Stepney Parish church. His father George Howson, dock labourer: hers Thomas Jabez Ireland, lighterman. One of the witnesses was Eliza Ireland



25 Belgrave Street- his address in 1916

1921. Eileen E Howson born 6/5/1921 at the Mothers Hospital, Clapton Hackney Jun 1921

1921. His wife, Ellen Susannah Howson/Ireland, died in Claybury Mental Hospital on 26/5/1921 of Puerperal Septicaemia 20 days after their daughter was born . His address then was 113 Seymour Road Leyton Essex : this odd as in Belgrave Street 7 days earlier and in Belgrave Street in 1939: but I guess this was where thsy were living prior to Eileen's birth and he still had the tenancy of it, even though spending some time at his parents'.

1921C on 19/6/1921 Thomas Howson, 30, is back living with his parents and 2 sisters at 25 Belgrave Street, Ratcliffe & Limehouse. But where is 6 week old daughter, Eileen?? His wife had died 24 days earluer

George Howson
Male 1861 60 Mile End, London, England Dock Labourer Port London Authorist
Emma Howson
Female 1862 59 London, England Home Duties -
Florence Howson
Female 1888 32 Stepney, London, England Book Folder Wass Pritchard
Eliza Howson
Female 1898 23 Shadwell, London, England Biscuit Packer Miredeth & Drew
Thomas Howson
Male 1891 30 Stepney, London, England Printer Mc Minder Portions Out Of Work

His married sister, Emma Eliza Clements and Thomas Clements are in the 1921C in Ratcliff, Limehouse, seemingly alone, i e. no Eileen/baby

No Howson born 1921 living anywhere around Limehouse in the 1921C!!

He moved in with his sister, Emma Clements, whose only child, Cecilia, was born Liimehouse Sep 1921( Emma had married Thomas Clements in 1916) . She was then widowed ~1928, and an unmarried sister, Florence Howson 1888, also lived with the 2 siblings and their 2 children


Thomas with his sister Emma Clements- 1938

1939 Register . Thomas Howson, born 21/5/1891, Printers Machine Room Overseer? , was living 25 Belgrave Street, Stepney with his widowed sister, an unmarried sister, his daughter and one other- a closed record- likely that of his niece, Cecilia, daughter of Emma Clements

Thomas Howson 21 May 1891 Male Printers Machine Room Overs Widowed 104 1
Emma E Clements 12 Jul 1885 Female Unpaid Domestic Dutties Widowed 104 2
Florence L Howson 10 Nov 1888 Female Bookfolder (Printers) Single 104 3
Eileen E Lyons (Howson) 06 May 1921 Female Printers Folder & Sewwer Single 104

19/3/43 written against Eileen- date on which she married


Thomas- courtesy of Holbrook Ancestry tree : contacted them 20/1/20

1940. Thomas Howson, 48, printers machine winder, of 25 Belgrave Street, Stepney, died 16/3/1940 in Mile End Hospital of Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Informant was his daughter, E E Howson, of the same address


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