Earlier Dubock


Below taken from pbleach007 Ancestry family tree. But also Wheeler tree with different Huguenot ancestors for George Peter Dubock 1757!!

1668. Daniel Dubosc was born 6/12/1668 in Gruchet St Simeon, Seine Maritime, France to Daniel Duboc 1638-1725 & Judith Le Tellier 1641-1699

They married on 25/11/1663 in Luneray, Seine Maritime, Haute-Normandie

1702. Pierre Dubosc was baptised 21/6/1702 in Canterbury to Daniel Dubosc 1668 & Marie Coille 1668

1730. Elias Dubock was baptised 8/5/1730 in Spitalfields to Pierre Duboc 1702-1768 & Ester Tevelain 1792-1751

1757. George Peter Dubock was baptised St Matthew, Bethnal Green on 30/1/1757 to Elias Dubock 1730-1798 & Elizabeth Clark 1735-1808


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