George Henry Hall 1868 -1930

Joiner. Born Birmingham, losing his mother when only 2, then his father, already bankrupted, went to prison twice for embezzlement. With relations in Burton upon Trent by 1891

1868. George Henry Hall was born 28/8/1868 at 3, Camp Hill, Aston, Birmingham.  Birth registered at Deritend, Birmingham South, Warwickshire, on 5 September 1868. Father George Henry Hall  Grocer and Coal Dealer (later a "commercial traveller”). Mother Eliza Turner.

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I am 99% positive he had a sister, Alice M Hall born Aston Mar 1870 - this fact from 1891C where both George H & Alice are living with an uncle & aunt

He also had Lizzie Gertrude Hall 1866 as his elder sister , and from 1885 onwards he acquired 4 half siblings when his father remarried.

1870. His mother, Eliza Hall, 24, dies Aston Jun 1870

.1871C.George Hall, 56, retired farmer,b. Gnosall, is living with his wife, Elizabeth, son Edward, grocer & shopman, and grandson Henry, 2, b. Birmingham, at Knightley, Gnosall, Newport Shropshire. Gnosall, Staffs, is only ~7 k SSW of Ellenhall, and was obviously once in Shropshire

George Hall Head - Male 56 1815 - Staffordshire, England  
Elizabeth Hall Wife - Female 58 1813 - Staffordshire, England  
Edward Hall Son - Male 25 1846 - Staffordshire, England  
Henry Hall Grandson - Male 2 1869 - Warwickshire, Engla

1871C . His father, widower, is still living Camp Hill Aston with a daugher Lizzie G Hall, 4, and 2 sisters

.1881C. .Just after his grandparents' deaths, Henry Hall, 12, is still living Gnosall, with his uncle Edward and 2 aunts, a cousin Mary Marshall , and his sister Gertrude 14. Gertrude & Henry have been mistranscribed with the surname Marshall_ actually written as Hall in the census

Edward Hall Head Single Male 35 1846 Grocer Assistant Lawnhead, Staffordshire, England  
Mary Hall Sister Single Female 27 1854 House Keeper (Dom) Ellenhall Staffordshire, England  
Betty Marshall Sister Married Female 32 1849 - Ellenhall Staffordshire, England  
Mary Marshall Niece Single Female 1 1880 - Birmingham, Warwickshire, England  
Gertrude Marshall Niece Single Female 14 1867 Scholar Birmingham, Warwickshire, England


Henry Marshall Nephew Single Male 12 1869 Scholar Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

1881C. His father, widower, grocer's traveller, is a lodger in Birmingham . .

1881C. Sister, Alice M Hall, 12, is at a school in Burton on Trent

1891C. George H Hall, 22, joiner, is living Uxbridge Street, Burton Extra, Burton with his sister, Alice M Hall [surname seemingly mistakenly written by the enumerator] and an aunt & uncle . John Port Dean married a Mary Turner in 1878, Marylebone- this 17 years after they were seemingly husband & wife!! as in 1861C John Port Dean 31, Mary Port Dean 22 are living Burton . His dead mother, Eliza Turner, was a younger sister of Mary's

John P Dean Head Married Male 60 1831 Dairyman Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, England  
Mary Dean Wife Married Female 52 1839 - Swadlincote, Derbyshire, England  
Alice M Dean Niece Single Female 21 1870 School Assistant Birmingham, Warwickshire, England  
George H Hall Nephew Single Male 22 1869 Joiner Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

1901C George H Hall, 32, joiner, is living 90 Ferry Street, Stapenhill, Burton on Trent

Mary Dean Head Widow Female 62 1839 Living On Means Swadlincote, Derbyshire, England
George H Hall Nephew Single Male 32 1869 Joiner Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

1904. George H Hall married Margaret Beverley Burton Mar 1904

George Henry Hall Jr (Joiner) married Margaret Beverley on 21 April 1904 (both aged 35) at St Paul’s Church, Burton-upon-Trent. His address at the time: 116 Ferry Street, Stapenhill, Burton-upon-Trent.

Margaret's father: John Beverley, brewery labourer.


1906. Edward Hall is born 2/7/1906 Burton on Trent to George Henry & Margaret - their only child


~1911. George Henry Hall likely on the left, Edward the smal boy, and Margaret Hall on the left on the boat

1911C. Henry Hall, 42, carpenter, is living in 4 rooms at 89 Hollow/Hallow Lane, Winshill, Burton on Trent. Married 6 years, 1 child

Henry Hall Head Married Male Carpenter 42 1869 Warwick Birmingham  
Margeret Hall Wife Married Female - 42 1869 Stafford Burton on Trent  
Edward Hall Son - Male - 4 1907 Stafford Burton on Trent

1911-1930. Moves from Burton upon Trent to Mansfield . Any idea when Barbara, Susan? Was your father in school in Burton or in Mansfield??

1930. Henry Hall, 61, died at 1 Robert Avenue, Sutton Road, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire on 26/1/1930 . Probate of £470 . Died of liver cancer - that’s said to be due to repressed anger.?!


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Did his widow stay there until their son Edward married in 1937, and then move in with the newly weds ?