Children of George Henry Hall 1843

With first wife Eliza Turner

1. Lizzie Gertrude Hall born Aston Jun 1866 .

She is the only child living with her father in the 1871C. George Hy Hall, 27, grocer, publican & coal agent, widower is living Camp Hill Aston. Also 2 aunts living with her

George Hy Hall Head - Male 27 1844 - Staffordshire, England  
Lizzie G Hall Daughter - Female 4 1867 - Warwickshire, England  
Betsy Hall Sister - Female 22 1849 - Staffordshire, England  
Mary Hall Sister - Female 20 1851 - Staffordshire, England  
Chas H Botte Boarder - Male 22 1849 - Shropshire, England

Cannot trace her in 1881C- not with her father- suspect she is at a boarding school, but have not found her as Lizzie /Gertrude . She marries 24/4/1889, parish church of Bordesley, her father given as traveller, and he a witness with her sister, Alice Maud Hall. Her address 64 Highgate street, his St Johns Harborne. His father henry Syner, musicain- actually a professor of music - m.c.on Ancestry Aston Jun 1889 as Lizzie Gertrude Hall to Harry Synyer: he was a lodger in the same house as Lizzie's father in 1881C!! this marriage just a year before her father was imprisoned for the 2nd time

1891C. Kings Norton

Harry Synyer Head Married Male 36 1855 Jeweller Birmingham, Warwickshire, England  
Lizzie G Synyer Wife Married Female 24 1867 - Birmingham, Warwickshire, England  
Charlotte Lane Servant Single Female 13 1878 General Servant Domestic Selly Oak, Worcestershire, England

1901C Eastacote Barston Solihull

Harry Synyer Head Married Male 46 1855 Silversmith Birmingham, Warwickshire, England  
Gertrude Synyer Wife Married Female 34 1867 - Birmingham, Warwickshire, England  
Edith Russel Servant Single Female 27 1874 Housemaid (Domestic) Meriden, Warwickshire, England  
Mary Bagnall Servant Single Female 15 1886 Kitchenmaid (Domestic) Brierley Hill, Staffordshire, England


1911C.The Paddock Hampton in Arden Barston Birmingham, no children born. Her sister Alice Maud Shepherd is a visitor

Harry Synyer Head Married Male Silversmith 56 1855 Birmingham Warwick  
Lizzie Gertrude Synyer Wife Married Female - 44 1867 Birmingham Warwick  
Alice Maud Shepherd Visitor Married Female - 41 1870 -  
Fanny Ruby Harris Servant Single Female Cook Domestic 25 1886 Acocks Green Worces  
Annie Wright Servant Single Female Housemaid Domestic 19 1892 Aldridge Warks

Lizzie Gertrude Hall/Synyer seemed to rise in the world!!

Synyer & Beddoes were famous Birmingham & Chester Silversmiths- google his name`

1939 Register . Hidcote Boyce? N. Cotswolds

Harry Synyer 01 Dec 1854 Male Silversmith Retired Married 146 2
Gertrude Synyer 12 Apr 1866 Female Household Duties Married 146


Harry Synyer dies, aged 88, N. Cotswold Dec 1943 - no probate, surprising!

Gertrude Synyer dies, aged 95,Cirencester Dec 1961. Probate of merely £277 to Frederick Charles Hall: he her half brother, born 1885, manager of a silversmiths in 1911C!

2. George Henry Hall was born 28/8/1868 at 3, Camp Hill, Aston, Birmingham

3. Alice Maud Hall born Aston Mar 1870

1871C. Alice M Hall , mistranscribed as Hill!, is with her Dean uncle & aunt, aged 1, b. Birmingham: Mary Dean, nee Turner, was the elder sister of her dead mother, Eliza Turner . John Port Dean married a Mary Turner in 1878, Marylebone- this 17 years after they were seemingly husband & wife!! as in 1861C John Port Dean 31, Mary Port Dean 22 are living Burton

John P Dean Head - Male 40 1831 - Staffordshire, England  
Mary Dean Wife - Female 32 1839 - Derbyshire, England  
Alice M Hill Niece - Female 1 1870 - Warwickshire, England

1881C Alice M Hall, 12, is away at school in Burton on Trent- just 7 pupils, Lizzie/Gertrude not with her . Her aunt & uncle are by themselves

John Port Dean Head Married Male 50 1831 Milk Dealer Burton, Staffordshire, England  
Mary Dean Wife Married Female 42 1839 - Derbyshire, England

1891C.Alice M Dean [seemingly mistakenly written by the enumerator ], 21, school assistant, is living Uxbridge Street, Burton Extra, Burton with her uncle & aunt, and her brother

John P Dean Head Married Male 60 1831 Dairyman Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, England  
Mary Dean Wife Married Female 52 1839 - Swadlincote, Derbyshire, England  
Alice M Dean Niece Single Female 21 1870 School Assistant Birmingham, Warwickshire, England  
George H Hall Nephew Single Male 22 1869 Joiner Birmingham, Warwickshire, England


1896. Alice Maud Hall marries Henry Shepherd

1901C . Alice Shepherd is living Stapenhill, Burton

Henry Shepherd Head Married Male 31 1870 Brewers Clerk Derby, Derbyshire, England  
Alice Shepherd Wife Married Female 31 1870 - Birmingham, Warwickshire, England  
Arthur Shepherd Son - Male 3 1898 - Stapenhill, Staffordshire, England

1911C. Could not find her but now have found Henry, living Burton, and she is on the census form crossed through! 2 children, both alive Note Mary Dean, widow, here

Henry Shepherd Head Married Male Brewer's Clerk 41 1870 Derbyshire Derby  
Arthur John Shepherd Son - Male School 13 1898 Staffs Burton on Trent  
Henry James Shepherd Son - Male School 8 1903 Staffs Burton on Trent  
Mary Dean Wife Widow Female - 72 1839 Derbyshire Swadlincote

Have since found Alice Maud Shepherd as a visitor at the house of her sister, Lizzie Synyer - see census at top of page

Could not find either of them in 1939 Reg: Henry Shepherd,69, could die Burton Sep 1938 But no death for Alice Maud Shepherd 1911-1939: Alice M Shepherd, could possibly die Fulhan Sep 1944 or Paddington Sep 1949, both 1870 births - if I could find her in 1939 Register!

&, here she is! 1939 Register. With her son Arthur J Shepherd- the J mistranscribed! - , brewery barley foreman!, and his wife Rollestone Road, Tutbury Staff, plus one closed record, presumably a child of Arthur's- under 21! . Could find out its name- when time!!

Alice M Shepherd 20 Dec 1869 Female Unpaid Domestic Duties Widowed 13 4
Arthur K Shepherd 27 Oct 1897 Male Brewery Barley Foreman Married 13 1
Emma Shepherd 26 Apr 1892 Female Unpaid Domestic Duties Married 13 2


Arthur John Shepherd Burton Dec 1897 & Henry James Shepherd Burton Jun 1902 were first cousins of Edward Hall 1906.

In 1939 Reg a Henry James Shepherd, brewery maintenance engineer, born 11/5/1902, is in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, married to Winifred D Shepherd, b. 1903



Henry J Shepherd maybe have married Winifred D Goode Burton/ but Barton on her entry! Mar 1935 .Arthur J Shepherd marries Emma Sims Ashbourne Sep 1927; likely son Richard J Shepherd Burton Dec 1929

Arthur John Shepherd , born 27/10/1897, dies Lichfield Mar 1971

But Barbara has never heard of them, nor their descendants. Susan??

Eliza Hall, nee Turner, 24, dies Aston Jun 1870

With his second wife, Mary Jane Slight: they married 1884, he 40, she 21. There were 4 more children

4. Frederick Charles Hall born Birmingham Mar 1885, actually 26/12/1884

A merchant clerk in 1901, manager silversmiths in 1911, still living with his parents iin Aston. Marries Florence I May Birmingham Jun 1911 . Likely no children.

1939 Register. Walsall Road, Lichfield

Fred Charles Hall 26 Dec 1884 Male Manufacturing Silversmith Married 140 1
Florence Ida Hall 10 Feb 1881 Female Domestic Duties Director Unpaid Married 140 2
Clarice Hilda May 19 Feb 1883 Female Paid Companion Single 140 3
Nancy Rollins (Smith) 31 Jul 1921 Female Domestic Duties Paid Single 140 4

He is the executor for his half sister, Lizzie Gertrude Hall 1866, on her 1961death . Too many deaths after that that could be he

5. Arthur E Hall 1887. Actually 13/1/1887

Married Marion Turner in 1910 Aston . They had Edna M Hall 1911, and likely Stanley Hall 194, Frederick Hall 1920, Phyllis H Hall 921 & Emily Hall 1923

1911C. 149 Heather Road Small Heath Aston

Arthur Edward Hall Head Married Male Silversmiths Die-Sinker Material Worked Steel 24 1887 Warwickshire Birmingham
Marion Hall Wife Married Female - 23 1888 Warwickshire Birmingham

1939 Register. 124 Clements Road Birmingham

Arthur E Hall 13 Jan 1887 Male Diesinker & Toolmaker Married 71 1
Marion Hall 05 May 1887 Female Unpaid Domestic Duties Married 71 2
Edna M Webster (Hall) 04 Aug 1911 Female Comptometer Operator Single

Could die, aged 64, Birmingham Mar 1950


6. Dorothy Mary Hall 1896

7. Joseph Stanley Hall 1899

Could follow their offspring!!

1901C. The family were living 10 Glaston Road Aston -their father George H Hall, 57, a commercial traveller,

George H Hall Head Married Male 57 1844 Commercial Traveller Ellenhall, Staffordshire, England  
Mary J Hall Wife Married Female 33 1868 - Fleet, Lincolnshire, England  
Frederick C Hall Son Single Male 16 1885 Merchants Clerk Birmingham, Warwickshire, England  
Arthur E Hall Son Single Male 14 1887 - Birmingham, Warwickshire, England  
Dorothy M Hall Daughter Single Female 5 1896 - Birmingham, Warwickshire, England  
Joseph S Hall Son - Male 2 1899 - Birmingham, Warwickshire, England  
Mary E Reynolds Mother-In-Law Widow Female 70 1831 - Stourbridge, Worcestershire, England  
Peter M MacColl Boarder Single Male 27 1874 Accountants Clerk Scotland  
James Tomkinson Boarder Single Male 43 1858 Fishmonger Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

1911C. The family were living in 7 rooms at 153 Moseley Road Birmingham Aston . Married 27 years, 4 children, all alive.

George Henry Hall Head Married Male Travellar Hardware 67 1844 Staffordshire Ellenhall Parish  
Mary Jane Hall Wife Married Female - 47 1864 Lilconshire Fleet  
Frederick Charles Hall Son Single Male Manager Silversmiths 26 1885 Birmingham  
Dorothy Mary Hall Daughter Single Female Student Typist 15 1896 Birmingham  
Joseph Stanley Hall Son - Male Schoolboy 13 1898 Birmingham  
Mary Elizabeth Reynolds Grandmother Widow Female Pensioner Old Age 81 1830 Worcestershire Stourbridge  
Joel Michael Romaine Boarder Single Male Cabinet Maker 25 1886 London