Mary Haines 1826- >1871

Born Newington to a sawyer.

1826.Mary Haynes was baptised to Thomas Haynes & Charlotte on 12/4/1826 at St George the Martyr, Southwark- London Ancestry baptisms


1841C. Mary Haynes , 15- ages rounded down, is living Peacock Street, St Mary Newington, Newington, with her parents and 3 siblings . Her mother seemingly born Coventry from the 1851C, and she and her siblings were baptised Southwark, so likely should only be the one exception to Surrey births here- her mother

Thomas Haynes Male 50 1791 -  
Charlotte Haynes Female 50 1791 Surrey, England  
John Haynes Male 20 1821 -  
Thomas Haynes Male 15 1826 -  
Mary Haynes Female 15 1826 -  
Susan Haynes Female 13 1828 -  
Ann Masters Female 55 1786 -  
William Masters Male 20 1821


1850. Mary Haines marries James Martin, print - or paint?- colourer, in St Marys Lambeth on 10/12/1850. His father James Martin, print- or paint? - colourer, hers Thomas Haines, deceased, sawyer. Their address 59 Pleasant Place. Thomas Haynes, likely her brother, a witness -Ancestry .


1851C. James Martin, visitor, 28, paint- or print? -colourer, is living Hodson Street, St Mary Newington with his wife, Mary Martin, 26, with Charlotte & Susan Haynes . Charlotte Haynes likely the mother of Mary? -yes

Charlotte Haynes Head Widow Female 64 1787 Laundress Coventry, Warwickshire, England  
Susan Haynes Daughter Unmarried Female 22 1829 Laundress Southwark, Surrey, England  
James Martin Visitor Married Male 28 1823 Paint Colourer Southwark, Surrey, England  
Mary Martin Visitor Married Female 26 1825 Needlewoman Lambeth, Surrey, England

1852. James Martin is born to James & Mary

Seemingly no baptisms of children 1852-1865 on Ancestry London Baptisms . Lots of other Martin baptisms in Lambeth !!

1861C. . James Martin , Cannot find him, nor wife, nor son Richard, nor son James, in Newington or Surrey - scoured Ancestry, with no surname!, & FMP

1871C. James Martin, 47, paint- or print? -colourer, is living Amelia Street Newington with his wife, Mary A Martin, 43, and 5 children including son James, 19, dairyman

James Martin Head - Male 47 1824 Paint colourer- Newington Surrey, England  
Mary A Martin Wife - Female 43 1828 -Laundress Newington Surrey, England  
James Martin Son - Male 19 1852 -Dairyman Newington Surrey, England  
William Nash Martin Lodger Son - Male 17 1854 -Broker Newington Surrey, England  
Mary A Martin Daughter - Female 15 1856 - Newington Surrey, England  
Richard Martin Son - Male 12 1859 - Newington Surrey, England  
George Martin Son - Male 7 1864 - Newington Surrey, England

1881C. Scoured Ancestry & FMP for James, Mary and son George . Son James 1852, married in 1874, is living Newington in 1881C

James Martin could, possibly, die aged 48, Wandsworth Dec 1872 and his wife Mary Martin, aged 48, Wandsworth Mar 1873- these both very uncertain!!

Do not think there is anything else I can do to trace them: just too common a name - end of the road!!

Unless Barbara or Susan or any relations can shed any light??