Samuel Bull 1777-1821 & Elizabeth Ward 178x-1823

Likely a linen & woollen draper & grocer . Lived in Loddon, seemingly briefly, then back to Norwich, Norfolk

Loddon 15-20 k SE of Norwich

1777. A Samuel Bull baptised 25/12/1777 to William Bull & Ann in St Augustines, Norwich- Ancestry

[1791. A Samuel Bull baptised Yarmouth, Norfolk to William Bull & Susannah- FS This unlikely the correct man- too young and further from Norwich ]

1780 - 1789. Several Elizabeth Wards baptised Norfolk - IGI

1809. Samuel Bull married Elizabeth Ward on 20/11/1809 at St Michael at Plea, Norwich: an Ancient Parish in the city and Diocese of Norwich- FS


1810. Susan Bull baptised to them, Loddon, Norfolk-FS . Also, seemingly, a Martha Bull 1815 and a Catherine Bull 1817

Elizabeth Bull is born 1812 in Norwich. Baptised 5/8/1812 to Samuel Bull and Elizabeth Ward in St. Andrew Norwich- IGI

1811. A Samuel Bull, linen & woollen draper & grocer, was moving from his-rented- premises to somewhere else, Loddon, -FMP Newspapers

bull-news1 .bull-news2

So, seemingly moved from Loddon to Norwich in 1811- odd that he sold everything!


No burial on FMP 1812-1841 and seemingly not still alive in 1841C . There is a burial of an Elizabeth Bull, 45, in 1814, at Burgh Castle, Yarmouth- FMP . Have searched IGI and FS for burials - nothing more to be gleaned on them on the Web

1821. Samuel Bull died 13/9/1821- Ancestry profile found by googling

1823. Elizabeth Bull died 27/12/1823- Ancestry profile found by googling