John Saunders Beverly 1809- 1887

John Saunders Beverly was born Kings Lynn, then lived Boston, Norwich, Sudbury and Manchester. Shoemaker journeyman, clock traveller, scripture reader, shopman, porter- a varied life!

His grandfather, John Beverly, of South Lynn, married Elizabeth Williamson in Norfolk on 11/2/1783- Phillamore Marriages FMP

His father, John Beverly - born 1783-1787?? - married Elizabeth Wilkins 10/6/1805 in Lynn

1809. John Saunders Beverly was baptised on 8/3/1809 in Lynn to John & Elisabeth [ Wilkins] - FMP Norfolk Baptisms. According to FS, residence was Little Plumstead, Norfolk! . Have not found baptisms for any siblings . No indication of where the Saunders came from- not the maiden name of his mother nor that of his paternal grandmother . Maybe that of Elisabeth Wilkins' mother?? - could investigate her further one day!

1832. John Saunders Beverly married Elizabeth Bull on 11/6/1832 in Kings Lynn - FMP Norfolk Marriages, also FS, seemingly no one has a tree there with him

Curiously- Ancestry- a John Saunders Beverley was baptised Middleton Norfolk in 1834 to John, schoolmaster, & Elizabeth Beverley?? . Could he be their firstborn- yet occupation strange!- who died 1834-1838?? Middleton ~8 k SE of Kings Lynn . Burial below makes this a possibility

1837. 2 children of John & Elisabeth Beverly were buried St Margarets, Kings Lynn: Elisabeth on 11/4/1837 & John on 18/4/1837

1838. John Beverly was born Kings Lynn Mar 1838 to John & Elizabeth

1841C. John Beverly, 35, shoemaker Journeyman, is living with his wife, Elizabeth, and 2 children in Victoria Place, Boston, Lincs

John Beverley Male 35 1806 -  
Elizabeth Beverley Female 25 1816 -  
John Beverley Male 3 1838 -  
Ellen Beverley Female 2 1839 Lincolnshire, England

1851C. John Beverly, 47, clock traveller, is living with his wife, Elizabeth, and 6 children in West Pottergate Street, Hamlet of Heigham, Norwich .

John Beverly Head Married Male 47 1804 Clock Traveller Lynn, Norfolk, England  
Elizabeth Beverly Wife Married Female 38 1813 None Norwich, Norfolk, England  
John Beverly Son - Male 13 1838 Shoe Maker's Apr Lynn, Norfolk, England  
Ellen Beverly Daughter - Female 11 1840 Scholar Boston, Lincolnshire, England  
Elizabeth Beverly Daughter - Female 8 1843 Scholar Boston, Lincolnshire, England  
Samuel Beverly Son - Male 5 1846 Scholar Boston, Lincolnshire, England  
Martha Beverly Daughter - Female 3 1848 - Norwich, Lincolnshire, England  
Edward Beverly Son - Male 1 1850 - Norwich, Lincolnshire, England

An Ancestry site found by googling his name has his children as: John 1839-1909; Ellen 1840; Elizabeth 1843-1921; Samuel Bull 1845-1861; Martha 1848; Edward 1850-1854 & Benjamin 1852-1855- so someone has done a lot of research on them!!- try and find them!!

1861C. . John Beverly,51, scripture reader, is living Hall Street, Melford, Sudbury, Suffolk with his wife and children Ellen, Samuel & Martha [same as in 1851C]

John Beverly Head Married Male 51 1810 Scripture Reader King's Lynn, Norfolk, England  
Elizabeth Beverly Wife Married Female 49 1812 - Norwich, Norfolk, England  
Ellen Beverly Daughter Unmarried Female 21 1840 - Boston, Lincolnshire, England  
Samuel Beverly Son Unmarried Male 15 1846 Pupil Teacher Boston, Lincolnshire, England  
Martha Beverly Daughter - Female 13 1848 Scholar Norwich, Norfolk, England

1871C. . John Beverly, 65, shopman, is living Moston Lane, Moston, Manchester , Lancs, with his married daughter, Elizabeth Carpenter, her husband & his wife, Elizabeth, dressmaker

Joseph William Carpenter Head - Male 26 1845 - Middlesex, England  
Elizabeth Carpenter Wife - Female 27 1844 - Boston Lincolnshire, England  
John Beverly Father-In-Law - Male 65 1806 - Kings Lynn Norfolk, England  
Elizabeth Beverly Mother-In-Law - Female 58 1813 - Norfolk, Norwich

1881C. . John Beverly, 75, porter at Institute, is living 31 Red Bank, Working Mens Institute, Manchester with his wife, Elizabeth,68, porteress

John Beverley Head Married Male 75 1806 Porter At Institute (Inst Serv) Lynn, Norfolk, England
Elizabeth Beverley Wife Married Female 68 1813 Porteress Norwich, Norfolk, England

1884. Elizabeth Beverley, 72, dies Manchester Mar 1884. No burial on FMP. On 27/3/1884 on an Ancestry profile- see below

1887. John Saunders Beverley dies, aged 80, Prestwich Sep 1887. No burial on FMP. Googling for him, an Ancestry profile has him dying at Harpurhey on 15/7/1887 - Harpurhey is an inner-city area of Manchester