Children of John Beverley & Elizabeth Higgins

.All their 6 children are at home in this 1881C. They are living at 14 Bearwood Hill Road, Winshill, , Burton on Trent .

John Beverley Head Married Male 43 1838 Brewers Labourer Norfolk, England  
Elizabeth Beverley Wife Married Female 42 1839 - Ireland  
John E Beverley Son Single Male 18 1863 Apprentice To Tinman Stapenhill, Derbyshire, England  
George S Beverley Son Single Male 16 1865 Brewers Labourer Stapenhill, Derbyshire, England  
Margaret A Beverley Daughter Single Female 12 1869 Scholar Burton, Staffordshire, England  
Florence E Beverley Daughter Single Female 10 1871 Scholar Burton, Staffordshire, England  
Rosa C Beverley Daughter Single Female 6 1875 Scholar Burton, Staffordshire, England  
Emily M Beverley Daughter Single Female 2 1879 - Burton, Staffordshire, England

1. John Edward Beverley 1863

John Edward Beverley marries Caroline Ethel Taylor Strand Sep 1893

1901C .John E Beverley, clergyman, is living Tonbridge Wells with his wife & 3 daughters, two born Africa!

John E Beverley Head Married Male 37 1864 Clergyman (Church Of England) Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, England  
Caroline E Beverley Wife Married Female 34 1867 - Thruxton, Herefordshire, England  
Marjorie E Beverley Daughter Single Female 6 1895 - -Africa  
Winifred M Beverley Daughter Single Female 5 1896 - Africa  
Kathleen L Beverley Daughter Single Female 0 1901 - Ramsgate, Kent, England  
Kate M Smith Servant Single Female 15 1886 General Servant (Domestic) Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England

1902. Hamlyn Denys Beverley was born Tonbridge Jun 1902 , He died Bournemouth 26/2/1975, his dofb being 2/4/1902, his address 27 The Chase, London SW4, leaving £3300.-Ancestry. In 1952 he, 50, male nurse, arrived in London from Durban to stay at 9 Lowfield Road, London, W3.

Cannot find the family in 1911C- maybe gone abroad again. 4 first cousins for Edward Hall here.

1924. Hamlyn Denys Beverley, 22, civil servant, sailed for Cape town on 27/11/1924 - his UK address being c/o/E M Eldrid, Mapledean, Linkfield lane, Red Hill,

1929. John Edward Beverley, clergyman, with his wife and Winifred, 33, teacher, arrive in Southampton on 9/5/1929 from Durban, their intended residence being Mapledean, Red Hill Surrey

1929. He, missionary, with his wife and Winifred, civil servant, leave Southampton on 8/11/1829 for Cape Town, last address 47 Eastern Avenue Reading

Also Marjorie and Kathleen Beverley,missionaries, both first (??) cousins of my Dad.  They too lived in South Africa.  They may have been Denys Beverley’s sisters,

.John Edward Beverley does not seem to die in England 1929- 1960


2. George Samuel Beverley 1865

Marries Harriett Ree Burton Dec 1894. They have Florence Beverley 1895 & Gladys Beverley 1898 and then Harriett Beverley who dies Burton Dec 1900

1901C. George , 35, brewery labourer & his children living with his parents Shobnall Street, Burton Extra, Burton on Trent .

John Beverley Head Married Male 63 1838 Brewery Labourer Norfolk, England  
Elizabeth Beverley Wife Married Female 50 1851 - Ireland  
George Beverley Son Widower Male 35 1866 Brewery Labourer Stapenhill, Derbyshire, England  
Rose Beverley Daughter Single Female 24 1877 Book Keeper To Singers Sewing Machine Company Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, England  
Emily Beverley Daughter Single Female 21 1880 Dressmaker Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, England  
Florence Beverley Daughter - Female 6 1895 - Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, England
Gladys Beverley Daughter - Female 3 1898 - Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, England

2 more first cousins for Edward Hall

But George and his 2 children, Florence Elizabeth Mar 1895 & Gladys Minnie 1898 are not to be found in 1911C . But Florence E Beverley marries William J Bradley Burton Sep 1919- so my thoughts that they might have emigrated squoshed.

3. Margaret Beverley 1868

4. Florence E Beverley 1871

Florence Elizabeth Beverley married Charles Edward Haslam Chorlton Sep 1893

1911C.Florence Elizabeth Haslam has 4 children, all 1st cousin to Edward Hall . Living John St Rusholme South Manchester

Charles Edward Haslam Head Married Male Corporation Car Cleaner 45 1866 Longsight Lancashire  
Florence Elizabeth Haslam Wife Married Female - 40 1871 Burton Staffordshire  
Margaret Ellen Haslam Daughter Single Female - 17 1894 Longsight Lanc  
John Frederick Haslam Son Single Male Trolley Boy 14 1897 Ardwick Lanc  
Susan Carr Haslam Daughter Single Female School 12 1899 Ardwick Lanc  
Jessie May Haslam Daughter Single Female - 5 1906 West Gorton Lanc

4 more first cousins for Edward Hall - any more after 1911?

5. Rosa C Beverley 1875

Rosa Ellen Beverley married Sydney Charles Dudley Burton Sep 1903

1911C. Living in 4 rooms at 10 Chester Gate Macclesfield Cheshire. Married 7 years, 1 child

Sydney Charles Dudley Head Married Male Boot Shop Manager 32 1879 Newcastle Staffs  
Rosa Ellen Dudley Wife Married Female - 35 1876 Burton on Trent Staffs  
Norman Brederley Dudley Son - Male - 2 1909 Leek Staffs

Barbara knew Norman Beverley Dudley as Edward's 1st cousin - he never married, was living at 32 Sandy Lane Mansfield and died, aged 89, on 28/5/1993 Mansfield Jun 1993, born 25/10/1908 : Barbara met relatives at his funeral . Probate: left 'not exceeding' £125000, rather think this might mean practically nothing!. Who benefitted from this??


Norman Beverley Dudley - 1 first cousin for Edward Hall

6. Emily Maude Beverley 1879

Emily Maude Beverley married Charles Edwin Cotton Burton Jun 1906

1911C. Living in 5 rooms at 165 Shobnall Street, Burton on Trent with her husband, son Reginald Cotton and her widowed mother

Charles Cotton Head Married Male Brewer's Foreman 33 1878 Burton on Trent Staffs  
Emily Cotton Wife Married Female - 33 1878 Burton on Trent Staffs  
Reginald Cotton Son - Male - 3 1908 Burton on Trent Staffs  
Eliza Beverley Mother In Law Widow Female - 72 1839 Longford Ireland Resident

Seemingly no more children after 1911

1 first cousin for Edward Hall

Summary. Thus 12 first cousins on the Beverley side, plus the 2 Shepherd boys on the Hall side


My father Edward Hall’s cousins: as far as I know, he had only two first cousins: Norman Beverley Dudley (died Mansfield in about 1995- 1993!- - will check the date - I knew him well and was at the funeral) and Denys Beverley, who lived mainly in South Africa.  Both were unmarried.  I don’t know of anyone called Stephens - I’m sure we would have heard of them if they’d been first cousins.  I’ll check with Sue, however.