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Prende Ancestry tree contains some of his mother's ancestors

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Paternal Side

Nick Fitzgerald 1949. . . John /Jack Fitzgerald breadman 1919-2012. . John Peter Fitzgerald tailor, 1889- 1976 . . Nicholas Fitzgerald tailor1863 - 1942 . . John Fitzgerald labourer ~1835-18?? . . maybe John Fitzgerald 1809, son of John Fitzgerald & Anastasia Power

Life of Jack & Teasy Fitzgerald - a pen-portrait

Life of John P Futzgerald - a pen-portrait

Catherine Landers/Delandre wife of John P Fitzgerald 1885-1928 . . John Landers carrier 1838- 1905 . . John Landers 1810 . . James Landers

Children of J P Fitzgerald & Catherine Delandre

Children of Nicholas Fitzgerald , by 2 marriages

Ellen Grant wife of Nicholas Fitzgerald 1863-1902 . . . David Grant labourer1839-1871 . . James Grant

Margaret Doonican 2nd wife of Nicholas Fitzgerald ( & aunt of Val Doonican!) 1873-1923

Stephen Grant labourer 1871-1951

Catherine Flynn wife of old John Fitzgerald 1830 - 1882. . Daniel Flynn

Margaret Griffen wife of David Grant ~1840->1871 . . . Michael Griffen nothing known ~1810

Margaret Foley wife of James Grant

Catherine Grant wife of John Landers 1837-1904 . . John Grant . 1805->1844 . . . James Grant ~1768

Mary Cupid wife of John Landers snr 1818 . . Patrick Cupid

Catherine McCarthy wife of James Landers

Ellen Scully wife of John Grant 1811-1878 . . David Scully

Mary Sulivan wife of David Scully

Catherine Fling wife of James Grant

Mary Mulcahy wife of Michael Griffin ~1810

Mary Fitzgerald wife of Patrick Cupid

Mary Dobbyn wife of Daniel Flynn

His paternal family was mostly from Waterford city , but, actually, his paternal gggrandfather, Nicholas, 1863, was born Tramore{like, in turn, his father John 1830), so just a possiblity that the 2 Fitzgerald families have a common root back around 1800. Also David Grant came from Dunhill . shows Waterford around 1900

“The Church of the Holy Trinity Within [the city walls]” is the Cathedral; Ballybricken is “without [the walls]”   Nevertheless, Ballybricken is within a stone's throw of the Cathedral.

I think the only way to see if the 2 Fitzgerald sets of ancestors are related would be through DNA: comparing Nick's male DNA with that of a maternal male, such as a son of. John Joe or PP.



Maternal side

Mary Teresa Fitzgerald 1918 - 1977. . . Martin Fitzgerald gardener 1870-1954 . . . Nicholas Fitzgerald labourer~1848-1923 . . . Martin Fitzgerald labourer ~1806-1895 . . John Fitzgerald 1770s

Life of Jack & Teasy Fitzgerald

Catherine/Kate Hutchinson wife of Martin F 1873-1936 John Hutchinson . labourer ~1836 -1882 . Michael Hutchinson

Children of Martin Fitzgerald & Kate Hutchinson

Adopted Mamie Fitzgerald ~1921-1969

Children of Nicholas Fitzgerald & Johanna Foley

Johanna/Judy Foley wife of Nicholas Fitzgerald ~1849-1898 . . Thomas Foley labourer1824-1904 . . James Fawley ~1798 -<1864

Alice/Eliza Brenan wife of Martin Fitzgerald snr ~1810-1865

Anastasia Power wife of John Fitzgerald 1770s

Catherine Coffey wife of John Hutchinson ~1841- 1879. . . Thomas Coffey ~1819-1881 . . .John Coffey & Brigid Ryan

Catherine Walsh wife of Thomas Foley ~1830-1908

Ellen Kinnea wife of Thomas Fawley ~1800-<1864

Mary Hyland wife of Thomas Coffey

. His maternal family was from Tramore

Tramore Fitzgeralds is compiled from hours of searching RI for any records that could be of use in the future, to try to link the two sides of the family back in the 1700s!!. It also gives more information on Tramore

As of 17/5/2021 Nick has a ´Book´on MyHeritage; much of the info in this seems to come from a Teresa Fitzgerald, she maybe a descendant of Martin, through his son John Joe Fitzgerald. Some useful trees on this.