Nancy Oliver Kaine /Keam/Keim 1803- >1843

1803. Nancy Oliver Kaine? born to Thomas Kaine & Patience Oliver . No baptism for a similar name on COPC :just a Nancy Keam baptised to Thomas & Patience in Gorran on 9/8/1803_ this 3 k S of Mevagissey . AND,ion 29/12/1802. Thomas Keim? had married Pateince Oliver in Mevagissey - COPC . Neither Thomas nor Patience seemingly alive in 1841C

1838. Nancy Oliver Kaine married Peter Moore, mason, widower, on 1/4/1838 in Mevagissey.His father John Moore, mason ; hers Thomas Kaine, miller. Neither could write.


1839. Peter Moore born St Austell Mar 1839 to Peter & Nancy

1841C. Peter Moore, 38, laborer, was living Church Street, Mevagissey .

Peter Moore Male laborer 38 1803 Cornwall, England
Nancy Moore Female 39 1802 Cornwall, England
James Moore Male 10 1831 Cornwall, England
Martin Moore Male 6 1835 Cornwall, England
Peter Moore Male 2 1839 Cornwall, England
Elizabeth Ann Moore Female 0 1841 Cornwall, England

FMP gives 1840 Eliz. Ann's mother as Keame : 1842 Sarah's mother as Keame : 1843 John's mother as Oliver. No mother's name given on 1839 Peter's. And the name on the m.c could indeed be Keame! But BMD gives Nancy Oliver Kaine

1850. ? a Nancy Jane Moore dies Redruth Dec 1850 - likely a 6mth old infant!

1851C. Peter Moore, 48, widower, mason, was living Church Street, Mevagissey .

So, Nancy must have died 1843-1851, but no record of her death/burial on Bmd, FMP, Ancestry, COPC


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