Ann John 1723-1796

~1723. No baptism for an Ann John around Cuby with Tregony - on COPC

1741. Ann John married Richard Behennah on 31/1/1741 in Cuby with Tregony

Likely Cuby with Tregony baptisms of children: Richard Bohennah 1744; Philip Bohenna 1746; Rebecca Bohenna 1749; High Bohennah 1752: Ann Bohennah 1754; Priscilla Bohenna 1756 &

1761. James Bohennah was baptised to Richd & Ann in Cuby with Tregony on 27/3/1761 - C OPC

Could James 1761 have been the Miller mentioned in the Tregony Will below of Ann Behenna 30/9/1796 : she might have been buried 13/9/1796, no age given


1796. Ann Behenna, 73,was buried in Cuby with Tregony 13/9/1796 So Ann John 1723-1796 - that is feasible . Need a Ruchard dying 1761-1795: a Richard Behenna was buried 14/11/1773 in Cuby with Tregony ; no age given but I should think this was he


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