Joseph Devonshire 1768-1800

A John Devonshire of Cuby left a Will in 1693

Unable to find his occupation

1768.Joseph Devonshire was baptised to William & Ann on 17/11/1768 in Cuby with Tregony- COPC


1790. Joseph Devonshire married Susanna Billing on 12/1/1790 in Cuby - COPC , No occupation given. No mc on Ancestry, FMP or FS

Children: John 1793; & 1795 &

1798. A Jane Devonshire was baptised to Joseph & Susanna in Cuby with Tregony on 30/9/1798 -COPC. Think this is our Joanna, although Joanna does not call any of her 3 daughters Susanna

1800.Joseph Devonshire, 32, was buried 2/2/1800 in Cuby with Tregony- COPC


Going back another generation:

1735. Willian Devonshire was baptised to John & Elizabeth in Cuby with Tregony

1760. William Devonshire married Ann Libby in Cuby

Other children: Joseph 1760; Benjamin 1764 & Catherine 1781 .Also a William who was buried in 1768 . No occupation on any of these records

1796. William Devonshire , 62, was buried Cuby with Tregony -COPC

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