Marlene Ann Behennah 1942

1942. Marlene Behennah was born to Ernest Behennah & Irene Capel

1961-1964. Marlene Behennah studied Physiology at Somerville College,Oxford

1972-2002 Marlene Behennah was the Mevagissey village GP for 30 years until 2002- from a press article 'Be our GP'


2007. The Duchess of Cornwall visited & opened the new Osteoporosis Centre in Truro.She met staff, patients and young people connected with the new centre. Including Daisy Wilson and Megan Warne and Dr Marlene Behennah.

"I told her I shook her husband's hand 31 years ago in 1976 when he opened the Duke of Cornwall rheumatoid arthritis unit and now she was opening a centre in her name" said Dr Behennah.


2008 She received an MBE

2011-2015 . She was a Director of the Cornwall Education Learning Trust

A trustee of the Cornwall Arthritis Trust

Seems to have a cousin, Angela Britnell, the author of Christmas at Black Cherry resort : this book dedicated to Marlene & Lynne, the Behennah Ladies of Mevagissey . " My cousins have devoted an enormous amount of time & energy over the years to help make this beautiful place a thriving year round community and not simply a popular tourist haven"

2019. Mevagissey goes national to find a new GP

Dr Marlene Behennah worked at Mevagissey Surgery for 30 years until 2002 – she was also born in the village and went to school with Lorna Cavanagh, the GP retiring in 2019 . “I’m very, very sad about this,” she said of the possibility the surgery will close. “I mean, this is my life’s work.” The problem is, she said, that not enough GPs want to become partners, which involves taking on the responsibility for the running of the practice. Figures by NHS England show there were 179 closures of contracts to run GP practices in 2017–18, compared with 107 the year before. Mevagissey Surgery had been advertising for a new partner for years before the decision was made to ened the contract . Behennah said the increasing amounts of admin are putting people off. “If you’re a young doctor and you have a family, you don’t want, when you’ve finished at the end of the day, to spend two hours collecting data for the government. Why should they spend two hours doing nonsense after working all day? The National Health Service, over its 70 years, has evolved,” she said. “Every generation does things differently. Things have got to evolve, and people have probably got to be prepared to accept a different sort of healthcare.” But, she says, rural communities are being neglected. “What works for London – drop-in centres and such – doesn’t work for an area like this. Public transport is not good; people can’t travel long distances.”

In desperation to keep it open, residents filmed a video to try and attract a new head GP as part of their #WillYouBeMyGP campaign.GPs at the Veor Surgery in nearby Camborne have now stepped in to take over the contract and the partner has agreed to stay on.Dr Katherine James was getting ready to leave the Mevagissey surgery, which serves 5,300 patients, at the end of July. It is not clear why she was departing.More staff will be employed to keep the practice open. Dr James revealed she was pleased with the solution and happy to be staying at the surgery.



Marlene & Lynne in their garden during the Covid-19 Lockdown in 2020

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