Anthony Williams 1809-1838

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St Day ~4 k N of Gwennap

1809. Anthony Williams was baptised Gwennap to Anthony Williams & Ann. Holman (she is 1841C with her son's widow) He had siblings Ann/Nanny 19/1/1800 and Grace 31/3/1806

1832. Anthony Williams marries an Elizabeth Hales in Gwennap on 7/6/1832- FMP, Ancestry & FS, image there- definitely says Hales, not Hall


1832, Son Anthony Williams is baptised Gwennap on 23/9/1832 to Anthony & Elizabeth

1836. Daughter Elizabeth Williams is baptised Gwennap on 21/2/1836 to Anthony & Elizabeth

1838 Anthony Williams, 18, is buried 18/11/1838 in St Day, died of miners consumption - COPC . The fact that his widow, Elizabeth/Betsy, is living with an Ann Williams, 60, in the 1841C & with sisters Ann & Grace,seemed proof enough for me that he is the 1809 baptism! . So could the recorded/transcribed age be wrong??- 28 would be fine!, and Elizabeth's father, Anthony, must die 1835-1841!! & no other death 1835-1841 -ODD


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