Children of Ernest Rowe & Clara Johns

Born to a gold/tin miner.

These children lived in Redruth, Cornwall from birth (or soon after in the case of Olive) until 1924 & then at the 'Cornubia' gold mine at Battlefields in S. Rhodesia from 1924 onwards, by which time their mother was on her 3rd marriage to Jack Curtis. Their grandmother, Eliza Johns looked after them ~1919-1924 in Redruth

1. Olive Rowe 1907- 1988

2. Wilfred Rowe 1909-1976 Local Government Officer in Bulawayo

He married Phyllis Carter (from England) in 1931. They has Ann 1933 m. Louis Vance, a teacher : 3 children Bridget, Kevin & Andrea

Wilfred 1909 - 1976 m Phillis Carter in 1931 Lived in Bulawayo , S, Rhodesia and had two girls Anne in 1933 ( married Louis Vance a teacher and had Bridget, Kevin and Andrea, Also had Jennifer  in 1935 who married Clive van Rensburg who was a carpenter in the Rhodesian Railways and had two daughters Brnda and Sarah

3. Ernest Rowe, born 16/2/1913., 7 weeks after his father had died . 1913 -1977. Builder in S. Rhodesia.

He married - do not know which year- Maud Morris 1915-2003. They had Lorraine 1938??. nearer 1935! : David ~1937 ; Gwendoline, ~1937 , died aged 6 from smallpox, & Elfrida 1945. As Ernest was an alcoholic, his mother, Clara, somehow took his first 3 children under her wing, and apparently was greatly feared by them. Maud & Ernest had separated for a few years, but then there was a brief recociliation & Maud had her last child, Elfrida, in 1945; she worked somewhere as a housekeeper & never told her mother in law or other children, with the result that Lorraine & David only knew they had Elfrida as a sister many, many years later!

Ernest 1913 - 1977 ( june 16th)/ Lived in Bulawayo and m Maud Morris. had 4 children. Lorraine m Kenneth Simpson Postmaster - 3 children  Kenneth, Stuart and ano, David m Esme a nurse Had Wayne, Barry and Colleen. The Gwendoline who died age 6 of small pox. Maud had left Ernest because of his drinking and C Clara cared for the children  and maud kidnapped Gwendoline when she was two but gave her back. Whe G was ill, Maud flew to be with her but was too late. G is buried in Bulawayo cemetery with an agel on her grave.

Maud and Ernest later recomciled briefly and the result was the birth of Elfrida who I learnt of the exsisitance in 1994, Maud brought her up and she married Fred Syen ad they have two children Yvonne and david



Ernest's wife, Maud, seated on the left with babe David ; maybe Gwendoline ~ 2 seated beside her

  Lorraine is next to Clara.



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