Abednego/Benjamin Rough 1780-1842

Williams/Beler Ancestry tree

Copper miner

1780. Abednego Rough baptised to Abednego Rough & Grace Prideaux on 1/10/1780 in Cambourne- FMP & Cornwall Online Parish Clerks

Abednego Rough, tinner or miner, had married Grace Prideaux on 31/1/1780 in Camborne - Cornwall Online Parish Clerks

1822. Abednego Rough married Mary Ann Ralph 4/4/1822 in Kea -FMP. Also on Cornwall Online Parish Clerks, he of Kea, she of Gwennap

1824. Elizabeth Rough baptised to Abednego & Mary Ann 3/10/1824 in Kea -FMP

1832. James Rough baptised to Abednego & Mary Ann 23/12/1832 in Gwennap -FMP

By 1841 Abednego has changed his name to Benjamin and later the surname becomes Rowe

1841C. Benjamin Rough, 55,copper miner, was living at Gordon, Gwennap with St Day, with wife Mary 40 and 2 children

Benjamin Rough Male 55 1786 Cornwall, England
Mary Rough Female 40 1801 Cornwall, England
Elizabeth Rough Female 15 1826 Cornwall, England
James Rough Male 7 1834 Cornwall, England


1842. Benjamin Rowe dies Redruth Dec 1842 .Buried St Day on 16/10/1842, aged 61, died of Consumption - Cornwall Online Parish Clerks,


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