Grace Kelloe ~1770

Walter/Saylor Ancestry tree - some rubbish!

~1770. No baptism on COPC

1789. Grace Kelloe married Francis Rilph on 26/12/1789 in Gwennap. Both put their mark

1796. Mary Ann Rilph baptised 24/7/1796 to Francis & Grace Rilph in Gwennap -FS . Siblings: Stephen 1793, Francis 1795 & Elizabeth 1803

1809. A Francis Rilph died 1809, buried 2/7/1809 in Gwennap, no age given -COPC & FMP

No burial found on FMP for Grace 1800-1840

1841. A Grace Ralph was buried 28/5/1841 at St. Day - FMP, no age given ; not on COPC . Dubious that this is she - St Day only 4 k N of Gwennap but I cannot find a Grace Ralph in 1841C: there is a Grace Kellow, 75, with a Jane Kellow 54- & although she could have reverted to her maiden name there is, seemingly, also a daughter with surname Kellow



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