James Johns 1820- >1871

Labourer, miner, road maker . Born & largely lived in St. Colomb Major, then moved to Redruth

1820. James Johns was baptised John Johns, labourer, and Fanny Tippett .. on 21/9/1820 St Colomb Major - Cornwall Online Parish Clerks, just Fan

& 1818, John Johns had married Fanny Tippett on 4/6/1818 in St Columb Major. no parents given, James Dennis a witness(as in 1841 m.c.) - Cornwall Online Parish Clerks

1841C. Likely, James Johns, 20, farm labourer, was living Union Hill , St Columb Major. He does call his son John in 1843 and he is a farm labourer - but neither of these definite proof! but m.c. below is- father John and address the same

John Johns Male 50 1791 Cornwall, England
Fanny Johns Female 50 1791 Cornwall, England
James Johns Male 20 1821 Cornwall, England
Thomas Johns Male 11 1830 Cornwall, England
Robert Johns Male 8 1833 Cornwall, England


1841. James Johns married Mary Ann Harris St. Columb Dec 1841. He of St Columb Union Hill; she of Trebedannon. His father John Johns: hers William Harris .

Found this mc on Cornwall Online Parish Clerks



1849. Eliza Jane Johns was born St Columb Mar 1849 to James & Mary Ann

1851C. James Johns, 30, farm labourer, was living Trebandannon , St Columb Major

James Johns Head Married Male 30 1821 Farm Laborer -
Mary Ann Johns Wife Married Female 35 1816 - -
John Johns Son Unmarried Male 8 1843 Scholar -
Maria Johns Daughter Unmarried Female 4 1847 Scholar -
Eliza Jane Johns Daughter Unmarried Female 2 1849 Scholar


1861C. James Johns, 40, miner, was living Treberdarnon Lane, St Columb Major, His wife is visiting her brother in Crantock

James Johns Head Married Male 40 1821 Miner St Columb Major, Cornwall, England
Maria Johns Daughter Unmarried Female 14 1847 Employed On Farm St Columb Major, Cornwall, England
Eliza Jane Johns Daughter - Female 12 1849 Employed On Farm St Columb Major, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth Harris Niece - Female 2 1859 Miner Child St Columb Major, Cornwall, England

1871C. James Johns, 50, road maker, was living Mount Pleasant, Redruth , with his wife, 2 daughters and recently born grandson

James Johns Head - Male 50 1821 -road maker St.Columb Cornwall, England
Mary A Johns Wife - Female 56 1815 - St.Columb Cornwall, England
Maria Johns Daughter - Female 24 1847 -miner surface St.Columb Cornwall, England
Eliza J Johns Daughter - Female 22 1849 --miner surface St.Columb Cornwall, England
William T Johns Grandson - Male 0 1871 - Redruth Cornwall, England

1872. James Johns maybe died Redruth Jun 1872, aged 51. No burial on Cornwall Online Parish Clerks or FMP

1881C. Is he this James Johns, claiming to be a widower? living Ford Row Back, Redruth. His wife, stated as married, is living with a daughter both in 1881C & 1891C . Cannot find this person in 1891C, nor any death Redruth 1881-1891: overall, I feel he died 1872

Grace Dunstone Head Widow Female 50 1831 Charing Woman Wendron, Cornwall, England
James Johns Boarder Widower Male 62 1819 Labourer St Columb Cornwall, England



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