Muir Lineage

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Following the completion of Anne's Gosling Lineage, Gosling Bear decided to recruit a new employee - one Alexander Hepburn Bear - to trace back the lineage of her spouse, Graham Muir. This involved new skills, largely based on the websites Scotland's People & Family Search, the Mormon records. Thus SP implies that records have been found in the former, FS in the latter. Other sites used have been Findmypast - FMP - and Ancestry - these for where the ancestors were living in the 10 yearly 1841 -1911 censuses. Directories have also been found online for Perth & Dundee. Graham has provided recollections of his childhood, as, I hope, will his sister, Jean, and his cousin, John Home Muir and maybe others. But so far,

Alexander Hepburn Bear- in my imagination!


is completely baffled as to how his ancestor, Alexander Hepburn Muir, 1866-1907, came to be burdened with the middle name of Hepburn!!. Any thoughts on this would make him very happy!


The Muirs came from Campbeltown across to Ardrossan, then to Dumbarton and Renfrew, before trying Colombo and Bombay, then Glassford, Lanarks, before returning to London, and now Spain for Graham.

But they married into families that came from all parts of Scotland shown above. Keep reading to find out all about them .

For information on each of Graham's ancestors click on my fanchart

This chart not at present up to date, I keep discovering new ancestors daily! - & it is difficult to change it! - but it will be updated to house all my latest finds by summer 2013.


Graham Muir 1934

arms .tartan

Coat of Arms of a different Muir family & the Muir Tartan

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