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In May 2011 Anne Muir, nee Gosling , mentioned to a friend that she would like to know from where the family of her father, Harold Gosling, had come.

She was also intrigued as to what had happened to a brother of Harold, Frederick Gosling, who had emigrated to Australia. He had left Cardiff saying that the family would only hear from him again if he 'made good'. They never did hear!. And in the 1960s Harold put ads in the Melbourne papers to try to trace his brother - to no avail .


Harold with his elder brother Frederick, in uniform, ~1918? before separation.


Thus I , Gosling Millenium Bear,


set to work and this is what we have found so far, with the help of Anne, the help and previous research of Gill, plus oodles of help, and a family bible, from Ken Hopkins. Also facts on Australian Frederick from his now located granddaughter, Lesley, plus help from Karen North, a granddaughter of Harold Gosling & from Phil Curtis, ggrandson. of Frederick John Gosling 1846, eldest brother of James Gosling 1854. As well as Frederick's life, Gosling Millennium Bear discovered the fate of another lost sibling, Edith Jane Gosling 1879, who was the cause of the Canadian branch of James Gosling's descendants. Also thanks to the long suffering David!


2011 Goslings Reunited - thanks to Gosling Bear - 2 eldest children of Harold, Thora & Thelma, meet up with long lost Frederick's granddaughter Lesley & her husband, who have travelled from Melbourne to Cardiff for the occasion.

I have constructed the simple Word tree, seen below, of all these Goslings, that I am happy to email to anyone interested.

Any other old photos and birth, marriage or death certificates would also be appreciated, alongside baptism details from parish records.

To find out more about any of the family mentioned below, simply click on the blue writing.

James Gosling 1854-1922 & his 12 children who survived [there were 16 born]: Charles Gosling 1874-1931, Catherine Gosling 1875-1945, Edith Gosling 1879-1915, Albert Edward Gosling 1881-1945, Annie Matilda Gosling 1883-1948, Miriam Gosling 1884- 1951, Frederick James Gosling 1886-1974, Alfred William Gosling 1888-1958, Walter Henry Gosling 1895-1974, Harold Gosling 1896-1979, Louisa Gosling 1899-1960 , Edgar Gosling 1900-??.,

John Gosling 1820-1905 & his other 3 children: Frederick John Gosling 1846; William Henry Gosling 1849; George Inniss Gosling 1858

Children of William Henry Gosling 1849

Jane Taylor 1857-1910 wife of James Gosling & her family . .Benjamin Taylor ~1811-1863 . . William Taylor

Catherine Morris wife of Benjamin Taylor 1823->1865 . . James Morris

Elizabeth Inniss 1815 & her family wife of John Gosling

Earlier Goslings - info from Phil


Tree inserted August 2015

Now, 2015, I have decided to widen the net and trace the ancestors of Hester Maria Shattock, wife of Harold Ennis Gosling and mother of Anne

Hester Maria Shattock 1900-1993 . .Christopher John Shattock 1876-1976 . .Christopher Shattock 1851-1918 . .George Shattock 1807-1888. Francis Shattock ~ 1778-1853

Wife of Christopher John Shattock was Louisa Higgs 1877-1956 . . James Higgs 1811-1882 . .Richard Higgs 1772-1858

Children of Christoper & Louisa Shattock

Wife of Christopher Shattock was Hannah Maria Roulan 1851-1944 . .James Rowland ~1810-1905 . .James Rowland

Wife of George Shattock was Rahel Hearn 1809-1900 . .Lewis Hearn 1771-1845

Wife of Francis Shattock was maybe Mary Hawkins 1775-1873

Wife of James Higgs was Esther Edwards 1833-1903 . .John Edwards 1801-1886

Wife of Richard Higgs was Sarah Beech ~1784-18xx?

Wife of Lewis Hearn was Ann Woolcott 1781-1865 . .Robert Woolcott

Wife of John Edwards was Mary Unknown 1811-1888

Please let me know (this is my email) if any links do not work or if you have any more information for us. Thankyou



Anne Muir nee Gosling.   My Early Years.

The first thing I remember was at the age of 4 years old, being taken to see the Mother Superior, at Our Lady’s Convent in Cardiff. I was taken by my Mother and Father to be enrolled for school. Nobody warned me that I was going to see strange looking ladies enrobed from head to foot in black; I just stood there crying, as I was so frightened! It is still a very vivid memory to this day. But once I started school I found the nuns so kind and gentle. I was in the school band playing the triangle and the tambourine, but not being very musical, the safest instruments to give me.

I was 5 years old when my eldest sister Thora got married, I was bridesmaid along with a cousin of mine, and it stays in my mind because I found my cousin rather bossy. After the ceremony and reception, we were playing in the garden at home when Christine, {my cousin} pulled off my headdress, stamped it into the ground, picked up my doll that we were playing with, and smashed its head on the path. Since then I have never warmed to that particular cousin.

Just before my 6th birthday my father bought me a pony - it was kept in a field of a farmer friend of my dads, and an instructor used to come and give me riding lessons. I called the pony “Sunshine” because I liked the song “You are my Sunshine”. I got very tired of being on a leading rein and soon lost interest. Sunshine escaped from the field one day and caused a car accident, so my father then decided to give Sunshine away. I felt sad for a while, but soon got over it.

Mostly life in our village was idyllic as a youngster - it was a small village and most people knew each other, and as children it was safe for us to roam over the fields and farm land and nobody worried about us. We had great fun devising all sorts of games, and generally keeping ourselves amused. I remember the annual Whitson treat, when the hay cart would take all us children, down to one of the local farms, and we would have races, there would be side stalls and a marvellous tea would be given to us. I do not remember it raining, no doubt it did but I just look back on long sunny days; selective memories I think!.

Saturday morning being the highlight of the week, it was cinema time and we would look forward to cartoons, and Cowboys and Indians: it cost 6 pence to get in {that’s old money}. I also looked forward to the weekly comics, such as Beano and Dandy, also Rupert Bear. Enid Blyton was my favorite author, always had my nose in a book. I also liked any handicraft, and painting.

My Father had had an office built in the garden, so when he transferred this to the Bakery, I was given it as a play room, so I could make as much mess as I liked. I used to make plaster of Paris figures and when they were dry I would paint them up. I then gave them away as presents. Wonder where they all are now?

I used to get terrible nose bleeds as a youngster. I remember one really bad one, and it just would not stop. My Mother phoned my Father at the Bakery and told him what was happening, and asked what the best thing to do was. The village doctor being a friend of my Fathers was called along to sort me out. It was rather amusing how it happened. Nick {the doctor} was holding surgery; my Father rushed though the waiting room, in to Nicks consulting room, where apparently there was a patient with his trousers down being examined. My Father grabbed Nick, said you need to come with me, put him in his car and drove him home, leaving all the patients to wonder, what was Mr. Gosling up to!! Nick sorted out my nose bleed and went back to the surgery. Situation sorted.

I was rather a chatterbox as a child, and my Mother would tell my sister Thelma to take me with her some times when she was going out, so that my Mother could have a peaceful time to herself. Thelma never wanted to do this - do not forget there was 10yrs. difference in our ages - and to her I was just a nuisance. Thelma was the proud owner of a Triumph sports car {the one the same as Bergerac used in the T.V. series}. It had two little dickey seats in the back, so she used to sit me in there, as there was no way you could talk to the driver, so she was safe from my chatter, but if it rained I got somewhat wet, Thelma not thinking that this was a problem! I never really liked going for a drive with her!. By the way we are best friends now.

When I was quite young Sundays in our family in the summer was picnic time. My eldest sister Thora, husband Alex and their two children Diane and Janet used to go in their car and the rest of us would go in my Fathers car. Speech House in the Forrest of Dean was one haunt and the Wye Valley and the Brecon Beacons being the other favorite places. In the winter we would visit relations, which I never enjoyed, as I found all the grown up talk boring: how I wish I had taken more notice now


Anne's first car.

Info. received from Phil 25/2/2019

From the 1939 Register:

Homer G Gosling was living at 36A Swaby Road, Wandsworth and was “Police Constable 619W Metropolitan Police Force”.

Rosetta M Gosling is at 71 Greenford Road, Harrow; Unpaid Domestic Duties. She is in the household of Henry Barley & Rosetta (nee Humphrey), exact relationship unknown at present.

Homer died 06 November 2002 and was cremated in Lambeth on 25 November 2002.

Rosetta May Gosling (nee Walton) died 05 May 1990 and was cremated in Lambeth on 18 May 1990.

Lambeth Crematorium is at Blackshaw Road, Tooting.

This info from Deceased Online: https://www.deceasedonline.com/

Two plausible children for Homer & Rosetta:

Joyce P M Gosling 1938 Q3 Lambeth 1D 203 [Walton].

Douglas H Gosling 1947 Q3 Wandsworth 5D 1304 [Walton].

Joyce P M Gosling married Anthony B Gillam, 1965 Q2 Wandsworth 5E 783.

Anthony Bryan Gillam (08 Aug 1937 – 18 Mar 1984).

In the 2003 Electoral Roll, Joyce is living at 42 Glendale Avenue, Newbury, Berkshire, which is the address given for Anthony on https://probatesearch.service.gov.uk/Gillam/1984/Page 1, with Neil Gillam.

Probable Children of Joyce & Anthony:

Murray James Gillam 1967 Q2 Samford (Suffolk) 4B 1767 [Gosling].

Neil Douglas F Gillam 1970 Q3 Leicester Central 3A 1777 [Gosling].

Both Joyce & Douglas seem to have disappeared at the moment…