Charlotte Stileman 1819-1863

~1819. Charlotte Stileman was born to James Stileman & Ann Lambert in Cornwall??- from 1861C. But have searched the great OPC Cornish site- - and have found no Stileman in Cornwall

She had siblings: James John 1801; Ann Lambert 1807; Elizabeth 1809; Mary Ann 1811; Sarah 1816- according to Cook Ancestry tree. baptisms exist for the first 4 on Ancestry, 3 in Pentonville and one in Marylebone

Cannot find marriages for any of these on Ancestry London Marriages

How did Cook Ancestry tree find all thesechildren???

1841C. ??

A James Stileman, 30, glover??, not born in the county, is in City of London, with no other family members , Possibly her brother??- dubious And a Richard Stileman, 20, articled to a solicitor, not born in the county, is in Maylebone . A Mary Stileman, 30, noy born in the county. a female servant in Westminster . William Stileman, 23, labourer, not born in the county, is in Bethnal Green

1843. Charlotte Stileman married John Watson, widower, labourer, married on 16/7/1843 in the parish church of St Leonard, Shoreditch, Hackney . His father Thomas Watson, shipwright: hers James Stilemanm bankers clerk . Banns had been called in March , and both were of the parish St George Southwark: he stated clearly as widower in them


1846 Thomas Watson was born 3/6/1846, baptised 28/6/1846 , to John & Charlotte . His father worked at the Rice Mill, and their address was Adam Street , Rotherhithe

Other children baptised were: Rosetta Watson 1844, address Albion St.; John Watson 3/1851, address Queen St.; Joseph Watson 20/11/1859, address Green St. , mother Stileman

1851C. Westham, ear Chichester, there is a John 48, and a Charlotte 46, children plus Sarah 12- but unlikely to have moved away from Rotherhithe and NO Thomas in the family!And neither of the 2 Sarah Watson born in Sussex 1838-1840 have mother Stileman. QED, this family is NOT them! - this John & Charlotte shown in the Woods tree

Nothing in 1851C in Rotherhithe for Charlotte, Rosetta, Thomas, with any surname like Watson! -FMP & Ancestry

So Charlotte and John still alive in Rotherhithe in 1859!

40 Josephs aged 1-3 in 1861C, but none with a surname rassembling Watson!!(he was noted as 0!!) . But finaly found Rosetta Wartson- eureka!!

1859-1861. John Watson died Rotherhithe Dec 1859

1861C. Charlotte Warston, widow, 42, charwoman, was living 2, Seven Steps Alley, Rotherhithe with 4 children

Charlotte Warston - Widow Female 42 1819 Charwoman -Cornwall ?Tredear?
Rosetta Warston
Unmarried Female 17 1844 Scholar Rotherhithe, Surrey, England
Thomas Warston
Unmarried Male 14 1847 Scholar Rotherhithe, Surrey, England
John Warston
Unmarried Male 10 1851 Scholar Rotherhithe, Surrey, England
Joseph Warston
Unmarried Male 0 1861 Scholar Rotherhithe, Surrey, England

Cannot find her in FMP or Ancestry in 1871C, so think

1863. Charlotte Watson died Rotherhithe Jun 1863

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