Children of Jacob W Segrott & Jessie McCann

1901C . Jacob Segrott, 30, builders labourer, was living 3, Ackworth Street, St George the Martyr Southwark, St Saviour Southwark with his wife, Jessie, and 3 children

Jacob Segrott
Married Male 30 1871 Builders labourer Southwark, Surrey, England
Jessie Segrott
Married Female 27 1874 - Southwark, Surrey, England
Louisa H Segrott
- Female 4 1897 - Southwark, Surrey, England
Jacob G Segrott
- Male 3 1898 - Bermondsey, Surrey, England
Charles A Segrott
- Male 0 1901 - Southwark, Surrey, England

1903. Alfred William Segrott born 6/12/1903 in Southwark from his Army record

1911C . Jacob Segrott, , was living ???? not found on FMP, even searching all the children with no surname

1911. . Jacob Segrott was living 98 Barnham Street, Rotherhithe- Electoral Roll FMP


1921C. Jacob William Segrott, 53, Jessie, Louisa Helen & 3 others ( one of them Alfred 1903: another was Thomas Patrick 1916 ; & Jessie May Segrott 1913 ) were living in Southwark - FMP, record not purchased

Jacob & Jessie had 56-9 children

1. Louisa H Segrott 1897 St Olave, stated born 26/4/1896 in 1939 reg. . Marries Alfred Burrows St Olaves Sep 1921. Living 186 Farmers Road, Walworth, Southwark, Lambeth in 1939 register with husband and daughter Louisa, born 1923 . Also children: Eileen 1929; Jessie A 1832 & Margaret H 1937

2. Jacob G Segrott 1898 St Olave

Jacob G Segrott , alias Jack, 1898 married a Beatrice Maud Cook and they had Jacob A Segrott 1921, William A Segrott 1923 Beatrice,1925, Stanley 1927 Ron 1932 &  Maureen1934

They lived in the house next to Chris’s family in Lower Road Erith.

Chris says there was an elder Segrott brother killed in the war- so Jacob/William ,. Also. Jack was killed in the war?? - have I got this right?

1921C. Jacob George Segrott 1898 was living Southwark with Jacob Alfred & Beatrice Maud : these his cousins??

3. Charles A Segrott 1900 St Saviour .Does not seem to die UK 1901-1993!. . . . Chris cannot remember any mention of Jessie’s older siblings Louisa, Jacob George or Charles A., but Uncle Alf went hoppicking

4. Alfred W Segrott 1903 Southwark

. . . . .Jessie’s brother Uncle Alf cousin Alfie

5. ??Ellen 1907 St Olave no mother given on FMP, not obviously in 1911C FMP. seemingly not in the 1921C

6.?? Mark W Segrott 1908 St Olave no mother given on FMP, not obviously in 1911C FMP seemingly not in the 1921C

7. ?? Winifred Segrott 1910 St Olave no mother given on FMP, not obviously in 1911C FMP seemingly not in the 1921C . As Chris knows nothing about these 3, very dubious they were children

8. Jessie Elizabeth Segrott 1913 ; her birth not registered on bmd,: she is in the household as Jessie May Segrott in the 1921C!

9. Thomas W Segrott 1916 St Olave

Jessie’s brother Uncle Tom & Margaret 
                                                 Pat Segrott & sister



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