Mary Ann Mead 1819-1874

Michael Downey Ancestry tree & others

1819. Mary Ann Mead was born East Ham. Several Ancestry trees have her baptised in 19/2/1819 to William Mead . Suspect East Ham is not included on Ancestry London baptisms but would be on SEAX

1842. Mary Ann Mead married Hartley Nelson on 28/3/1842 in Charlton Parish Church, Greenwich Lewisham Mar 1842. . Lewisham marriages for 1842 exist on Ancestry London marriages-but meither Mary nor Hartley are listed & no Ancestry tree gives the m.c. But someone must have bought it for the exact date and church to be known!!

1846 Sarah Jane Nelson was baptised on 19/7/1846 to Hartley & Mary Ann in St Marys Rotherhithe. Mother Mund: this must be a mistranscription as

Mary Ann Nelson born 1844 had mother Mead

William Nelson born 1849 had mother Mead

Thus the mother of Sarah Jane Nelson 1846 must also have been Mead, and NOT Mund

No birth record for Elizabeth Mary 1842, just baptism in Ealing on 31/7/1842, alongside the baptism of a Margaret Ann - FS ! The St Marys Rotherhithe baptism record is shown on Ancestry and Hartley is given as carpenter, address Plough Road

Mary Ann Nelson born 1844 was baptised St Marys Ealing - FS - on 19/7/1846, born 13/5/1844 FS. According to their records all 4 baptisms took place both in Ealing and Rotherhithe!!



1851C. Mary Nelson , 32, was living 2, Trundleys Lane, St Pauls Deptford, Greenwich with her husband & 5 children

Hartley Nelson
Married Male 43 1808 Dock laborer Tottenham, Middlesex, England
Mary Nelson
Married Female 32 1819 Laundress East Ham, Essex, England
Elizabeth Nelson
- Female 8 1843 Scholar Rotherhithe, Surrey, England
Mary Nelson
- Female 6 1845 Scholar Bermondsey, Surrey, England
Sarah Nelson
- Female 4 1847 Scholar Bermondsey, Surrey, England
William Nelson
- Male 2 1849 - Deptford, Kent, England
Joseph Nelson
- Male 0 1851 - Deptford, Kent, England

1858. Hartley Nelson, 50, was buried on 5/2/1858, address the Workhouse, Rotherhithe -FMP

1861C . Mary Ann Nelson, 43, widow of a labourer, born East Ham, is in Rotherhithe Workhouse . She likely to have been there since prior to February 1858 when he husband died there

Her 2 eldest daughters are living alone at St Marys Buildings, 17, Church Street, Rotherhithe

Elizabeth Nelson
Unmarried Female 18 1843 Sack maker Rotherhithe, Surrey, England
Mary Ann Nelson
Unmarried Female 16 1845 Domestic servant Bermondsey, Surrey, England


Torch Ancestry tree has her death as 25/12/1874 in the St Olave Union Workhouse- This is on Ancestry death St Olave Dec 1874, Mary Ann Nelson 53. but this not on bmd 1874/5

1874. Mary A Nelson 53, admitted from Rotherhithe Parish, died 25/12/1874 in the St Olave Workhouse . Her body 'taken out by friends' . on Ancestry death Mary Ann Nelson 53 died St Olave Dec 1874,. but this not on bmd 1874/5 !!


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