.Joseph Christopher Cook 1910-1982


1910 Joseph Christopher Cook was born to Thomas Cook & Rhoda Watson on 5/11/1910. Baptised on 20/11/1910, address 4 Globe Buildings, Rotherhithe

bc-1910 . . baptism1910

1911C. Joseph Cook, 5 months, was living 4 Globe Bldgs, Beastop Street, Bermondsey with his parents, 3 siblings and a boarder. They were living in 3 rooms, his parents had been married 9 years, & had 7 children of whom 3 had died

Thomas Cook
Married Male 30 1881 Dock labourer Rotherhithe London
Rhoda Cook
Married Female 30 1881 - Rotherhithe London
Rhoda Cook
Single Female 9 1902 School Rotherhithe London
Thomas Cook
Single Male 8 1903 School Rotherhithe London
Alice Cook
Single Female 4 1907 - -
Joseph Cook
Single Male 0 1911 - Rotherhithe
George Middleton
Married Male 31 1880 Lighterman Newcastle



1934 Joseph Christopher Cook, 23, stevedore, married Jessie Elizabeth Segrott , 21, factory hand, on 26/8/1934 in St Mary Magdelene, Bermondsey. His father Thomas Cook, deal porter; hers Jacob William Sefrott, builders labourer. Witnesses were Thomas Albert Victor Cook ^ Alice May Cook - elder siblings




L to R. ?, Jessie’s brother Tom, Joe, ?, Jessie, ?, Joe’s sister Mary (we think),  Joe’s sister Ginnie , Jessie’s dad Jacob ODD her mother, Jessie 1873, is not in this??


Early photo of Jessie & Joe,

Early on  they lived in Lucy Road and Smyrkes Road off The Old Kent Road

.1938. Christopher Cook was born in April 1938 to Joseph & Jessie

1939 Register. Jessie E Cook & Joseph C Cook were hoppicking at Hoppickers Encampment Yew Tree Farm, Broad Oak, Tonbridge  along with jessie's father, Jacob W Segrott 1870, and Maureen Segrott 1934, who then went on to marry a Dent. Her mother was Cook. �. She was the daughter of Jacob C Segrott 1898(son of Jacob 1870) and Beatrice Maud Cook 1896, whose mother was Gilbert . So, looked for a marriage of a Cook to a Gilbert 1880-1896 : an Alfred Cook married Harriet Emily Gilbert in 1882, BUT, do not know whether this Albert Cook bares any relationship to Chris's Cooks, probably not!!

 Also at the farm, in a different group, are Beatrice M Segrott 1896 and, seemingly, 2 other children, Beatrice E 1925 and Stanley C 1927, siblings of Maureen

  There is also a Closed Record with Joseph C, Jessie. Jacob and Maureen : this could well have been 1 yr old Chris. Did he know about hop picking holidays?


He worked in the docks which was being heavily bombed as the Germans were hoping to disrupt the supplies coming into it. The docks got so badly damaged it was closed and he joined the Royal Artillery as a gunner, firstly at Woolwich.

Chris, can recall him coming along the road one day, with a friend, to visit on his way to Gravesend. The guns at Gravesend targeted the German aircraft as they traced the River Thames towards London. Later he was posted to Gibraltar and eventually into Germany as they retreated.



Joe served in Gibraltar & Germany.  He was a chief Gunner, far right 

Tidy the below!!

Joe worked in the docks as did his father and grand father.  He started as  "slip way man", cleaning down the muddy slip way at the rivers edge, probably about 14 yrs old.

He was a cargo handler, loading & unloading loose cargoes, like sugar & cement.  Dirty jobs that caked to his clothes & skin.  

He joined the Army in WW2 after the docks were bombed and closed.  He was 26 then and considered the old man of his Gunnery unit. 
Trained at Gravesend gun emplacement before going to Gibraltar.  Later moved across Germany as they retreated.
Had one narrow miss from a doodlebug that landed close to their gun. 

Returned to the docks after the war, later becoming a gear man, preparing the gear that was required for each ship in dock.

When he retired Jessie & Joe left their rented house in Erith and bought a small cottage in Faversham, which Chris helped them to enhance & decorate.

They both liked to socialise and being from the docks area, drinking was a favourite pastime.
         " had a good sense of humour.

Chris was their only child but they were close to family and used to mix with them frequently


1945 onwards. The family of 3 went on regular September Hop picking holidays in Kent with other of Jessie's relations

cook6. . cook4. . parents, chris, jacob .

Joe, Jessie, Joe’s sister Jennie & her husband Bill . . . . . . . . .Jessie & Chris . ....  Joe, Chris, Jessie & Jacob, (probably know as Jack


Early 1960s.

cook7 . . jo-bill .cook10-1980s

On holiday with Dwyer Cousins - Jessie, Michael, Jennie, Rita, Uncle Bill, Chris & Bill . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Joe with cousin Bill (in the pub of course !) . . . . . . . . . . . . . Joe ~1980

1982. Joseph Christopher Cook died Swale Kent Mar 1982


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