Lockdown in Adelaide


Guessing it is because we are Australia’s only free settled state, and because we grow some of the world’s greatest wine (which we quaff with vigour!) that during this ghastly pandemic we have made world headlines for our statistics  - tragically 4 dead, 440 cases, and now none.  Tonight at midnight our state opens its borders to Western Australia, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmanian residents.  It is a time I’ll remember because tomorrow is my birthday! 


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Sue with David, Peru 2011 . . . . . . . . . Sue in Barossa 2014

I live in an 140 apartment community, and upon learning of this virus, we immediately became as close a community than you’ll find anywhere. The majority of our neighbours are respected in their various careers, several have been recognised with high awards and several are internationally acclaimed. Almost everyone armed their apartments with teddy bear soldiers though -  to defend us!  My two teddies defended me from cancer twice, so I know they work



We play bridge, canaster, scrabble, table tennis, line dancing, bowls (3 links), bocce, shuffle board, aqua aerobics, hydrotherapy, t’ai chi, mahjong,  darts and snooker.  We have hairdressers on site, together with physiotherapists, massage therapists, beauticians, podiatrists, fall and balance classes and seated exercises.

We have a gymnasium and a picture theatre (cinema!). 

We have a restaurant which is open to the public and is always full!  Lack of customers broadened their horizons though and they became a general supermarket taking orders from residents, fulfilling them and delivering.  Great service!

We also have a  Men’s shed who wash cars for a bottle of fine South Aussie red wine, a Craft centre for the ladies, and a retired teacher who is planning to, and will no doubt, have a Sir Hans Heyson like artist amongst her class of talented late onset students to the magic of art.  Sir Hans was also a South Australian!

We have Happy Hour every Friday, live music each Wednesday and topical speakers as guests.

We have a permanent jigsaw area too!

We have a conference room and an auditorium together with a Grand Hall with the wow factor!  If you’d like to live like and with us, sadly we are full! 

This virus bonded us like never before.  Most of the facilities were either closed or relocated, so that no-one was permanently disadvantaged .  Zoom exercises were immediately implemented, and all of us oldies who claimed we had no clue about how such a thing worked are now toting it like a 2nd language!

Big groups separated and formed smaller groups – self isolating and gathering quieter neighbours into their folds.  Now they all know each other’s names!

Little by little the restaurant – bare for seemingly a lifetime – flickered back to life, and whilst there were restrictions on patrons, room service became popular.  Dinner dining broke several records, and  service to apartments was, and still is, undertaken by volunteer residents.  What fun to open the door and the delivery person is your neighbour!

The cautious lifting of restrictions is now underway but we still self-isolate, and are extremely cautious in certain situations.

Will we have a 2nd wave?  Of course we hope not, but we are well armoured in our community  to cope if necessary.

We are the state that incorporates Kangaroo Island.  Everybody in the world wants to visit KI.  It is fabulous!  They’ve suffered more than many with our disastrous bushfires devastating their western areas, but don’t worry, the eastern and central areas are just as welcoming and they are open! 

S.P. 16/6/2020, a friend made when travelling in Peru in 2011

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. . . . Aha – life in the auditorium can continue – easy to contribute to pilates with distancing

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