Sarah Williams


Montrose is a wee town on the north east coast of Scotland, and surrounded by water.  Its built on a large sand spit with the North Sea to the east and a large inland basin to the west.  The rivers Southesk and Northesk run around the town towards the sea. 
Lockdown came towards the end of March, when it was still bitterly cold, but dry and bright.    I am Shielded, so not allowed out of my house, although I can potter about in the garden and sit out the back in our courtyard.    Our son did all of our shopping for the first few weeks, but then the local supermarket, under government instructions, opened up Priority Slots for the shielded.  So we now get an online delivery each Friday.   The downside to this is we don't see our son so much now.
Lockdown has been alright for us because we have each other, and so we are spared the loneliness others may experience.   Thank goodness for Technology, as with it comes Video Calls to the family, and although its not quite the same, its a very good substitute.   We have also had a lot of virtual dinner parties, via Zoom with couples from Javea.  These have been very good fun, and a joyous relief from the what has become the norm each Friday.
With said technology, comes the ability to play online bridge.  BBO has saved us from ourselves!   Montrose bridge club has forged links with Javea bridge club, and both clubs have shared various events with each other, which has allowed a few pairs to make some new friends.    Montrose BC are blessed with young bridge talents who not only teach the game to the older generation but have adapted BBO as an excellent teaching tool for online lessons.
John and I have had more time to do things we never had time for before, and have decorated our cellar and a spare guest bedroom.  
Even the weather has been kind to allow us to work in the garden and hand wash the seagull mess from the car.   Today summer threatened with a top temperature of 15! 
(Queen) Nicola has given us our daily instruction - Stay at Home, Stay at Home, Stay at Home.  I think there has been widespread compliance with this path.  We live opposite what is usually a busy park with a pathway to the beach.   It is an empty void, seeing only the odd dog walker, or child cycling with her parents.
Montrose has the 5th oldest golf course in the world, and I hear the local golfers are chumping at the bit to get their clubs out and tackle this famous links course again.

I for one, cannot wait to walk down to the shore side and take in a great big breath of the fresh sea air again.    I hope my grandchildren are with me when it happens

S W 20/5/2020

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A collection of photos of Montrose sent in by Sarah



And the High Street before John & Sarah were born!



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