The last few weeks must be a real trial for all of us, no Face to Face Bridge makes you realise not just how much pleasure we derive from the game but also the social interaction.

Just an update on the latest position, please find an attachment from Sport Malta which states that Indoor Sport cannot take place yet.

However, there will come a time when we can re-open, albeit with safeguards for everyones safety.

We have a least  two major requirements that need to be adhered to to allow us to play safely.  The first being safe handling of the cards and the second keeping the  2 metre social distancing requirement. I think that these can be overcome by careful placing of the tables and by playing head to head teams matches only.  This way no one handles any one else’s cards. With this arrangement we can play up to 5 head to heads using the club’s 5 sets of boards

The return to pairs play will be more problematic and may mean playing with tablets not cards, which will bring with it further expense to the club. 

The MBA has been approached through Albert Sacco by a company that can provide Tablets, Server and software requirements to enable the club to switch to this system.  This will require discussion and agreement from the members to spend this extra money.  I would like therefore to invite the members to comment on this proposal

from the president of a Malta bridge club ~ 30/5/2020

My social morning went really well. It was great to be with my art friends and listen "live" to all their not-doing-anything stories of the past 3 months. 2 brought their own coffee in thermos flasks, I carried nothing 'cos I decided I'd walk there and like to walk light; the 4th drank nothing cos she was off to another coffee shop to meet her family soon after. 2 others never came because one has a v ill husband and the other is busy doing up a new property in Gozo. We're meeting again in a fortnight's time or maybe before. But it felt GOOD to be in real company.

report from my social secretary and bridge partner in Malta -2/6/2020


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