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A Synopsis of French regulations as of 6/5/2020

Bars, cafés and restaurants

Much excitement from Tuesday 2nd June when cafes, bars and restaurants were allowed to open again, albeit with tables well-distanced apart and most cafes have been given permission to extend their seating areas onto the pavement/promenade.  

There are a lot of hygiene restrictions for owners to abide by, including spaces of at least 1m between tables, and in orange zones - including Paris - only outdoor terraces can reopen.

The 100km rule

This rule is scrapped and people can now travel freely around France for any reason, without the need for a permission form.


The gradual reopening of schools is accelerated, with all infant, primary and secondary schools able to open from June 2nd. Maximum class sizes remain, however, so many pupils will only be attending for part of the week.

High schools (lycées) will only reopen in the green zones and universities will continue with online teaching.

Parks, beaches and gardens

These have now all reopened, with Paris reopening parks over the holiday weekend. Local authorities will make the decision on whether to make masks compulsory in parks, beaches and gardens.

Gyms and swimming pools

All gyms can reopen in green zones as of June 2nd and in orange zones as of June 22nd. The same goes for swimming pools.

Cinemas, theatres and museums

Theatres and museums can begin to reopen from June 2nd in green zones, while orange zones must wait until June 22nd.

Cinemas can reopen in the whole country as of June 22nd.

Wearing a mask will be mandatory in all these spaces.


Campsites can reopen on June 2nd in the green zones and June 22nd in orange zones.

There are still some restrictions in place and masks have to be worn on public transport and if you're requested when going into some shops.

Everyone is now feeling a lot more hopeful about the summer and looking forward to summer holidays.

from a friend in Dordogne - 6/5/2020


President Macron proclaimed victory in the fight against coronavirus in France last night as he announced a return to normal schooling and authorised the full reopening of restaurants across the country.

In a televised address he told citizens that they could move on from the health crisis that has caused 29,398 deaths. “We are therefore going to rediscover the pleasure of being together, of going back to work fully, but also of entertaining ourselves and cultivating ourselves. We are going to rediscover our art de vivre, our taste for freedom. In short, we are going to rediscover France fully,” he said. - 15/6/2020



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