Daniel Gendan

"Return of wildlife into our pool during the lockdown..."

Just about time to tell about our past and present lockdown experience as phase 2 is approaching at full speed..... and hopefully there soon won't be much to report any more !

Our friends and family in France have pitied us for staying in Spain, country of the untamed pandemic... and weak medical system and infrastructures....
Yet we consider ourselves lucky to have been here, and to live in a small resort (Moraira) not so much exposed to the virus and to stay in a comfortable house where time flew between reading, bridge, gardening, fixing the pending issues (DIY) which had been awaiting for months, and also cooking a bit.... ! We shall reach the summer with a brand new place and a few extra kilos....!

My brother who got Covid19 in the early days, was then stuck for nearly 2 months in his small parisian flat and nearly went beserk when we were still pondering whether we should have gone back....! And now with de esescalation and deconfinement, Parisians are breaking loose in the streets, to cater for the lack of yellow jackets !

paris1 paris2 paris3


So "Douce France" or "Wild Spain"  for a nice pandemic experience ?

No straight answer : "So many countries, so many customs" or as our esteemed french philosoher, Blaise Pascal, would have said : 'What is considered truth on this side of the Pyrenees is considered false beyond them.'

D G 24/5/2020

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