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Carol let out for lunch on Lockdown/ Restricted 63 friend Chris asks me to write about “Lock Down
So........she knows I can’t write, I’m so much more visual!
So.......a video seemed to be the answer, but as usual I’m too busy to set up all the props. And then there would have to be make up. And then a very willing husband who wouldn’t make me laugh! The list was too long !


One prop no longer needed

Lock Down here was so very sudden that I actually didn’t believe it was happening and so, as we walked Lila on the very first weekend, it was such a shock to see the beach taped off and our beloved Moraira, a ghost town! Lock Down was here . . and here to stay!

A quick rethink was being me, I reverted to my lists and goals for each day and week! Poor Paul he was used to this and I swear he thought it would only be for a short while, so the sacred list was pinned up, ready to be checked and ticked accordingly.

My first thought,Mum. At first she was disbelieving, “ No, Bingo would be fine”. 91 and such strength: our daily conversations told me of her constant phone calls and helpful neighbours. I actually struggled to speak to her in the mornings and by the end of the day she was so tired that she really could not be bothered to talk to little daughter! We taught her how to “ Zoom”. What a delight, she even put a necklace on and when the rest of the family popped up.......well you can imagine her delight - her eyes popped out .
We now have weekly bingo sessions and family quizzes. I’m the bingo caller....
2 little ducks...22
Kelly’s eye number 1
77 sunset strip
"Where did all that come from?" I was asked. I had no idea, did we play bingo at Christmas?
Must remenber to find out.
The funniest “ 2 and 6.... half a crown” real laughter from all ” Mum what’s that?”
So Wednesday night now is a true family night: would never have happened without Lock Down.


Her 5 year old grandson's take on Lockdown

So the LIST ......
Every morning we were constructive: work, clearing drawerss, painting. Jobs that would never normally happen.
The afternoons were free, free to exercise, free to play bridge, free to be creative - OUR TIME
As if by magic we loved the days. Oh . .forgot to say, at last we would try this secret eating plan "5, 2". Eat normally for 5 days and then no alcohol and only soup for the other 2! That also worked but oh how we looked forward to the normal days especially as I was rediscovering my love for cooking. The time was available and supermarkets were well stocked.
During this time Paul began to show an interest in playing bridge.” Would I/ could I teach him?”
Those of you who know me and my bridge standard will smile! However, I did and now we both play together on BBO, quickly passing a couple of hours.

Teaching....I used to teach and in fact loved it, so, when the children began to complain about the burdens of homeschooling their kids, I volunteered !
Every morning for 2 hours or more, I sit in front of the screen with each one of them. What a joy! I only ever taught 12/18 year olds and often had the ones that nobody could control. Do you remember 4th Year leavers? Well that was me.
So my grandchildren with fractions, triangles , tables was such a delight.

aid-loug.tables2 . mortar.
Now , how many weeks down the line ?( I'm told 76 days - must ask the grandchildren how many weeks that is!), both sets of parents see a huge improvement, I’m delighted but most of all have enjoyed the one to one time, talking, laughing, just sharing stories of the children that I had taught, their names etc.
Imagine telling Alex about the very naughty Toby, “ how old is he now?” asked Alex
“ Oh” I said “ 50 something” “ Nanny, that’s nearly as old as you, how come?” What joy !


C. O'G. 30/5/2020



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