Slams & Strong bids

with the system below, Maria and I would have to alter our 2NT bid to 20-22


2C 2D 2Nt being 23-24 points,

Think about 2D being a negative reply, 0-7, less than 1 1/2 QT.  Then 8+ / 1 1/2 QT as  a positive - in a suit 5+ cards, or 2NT balanced

2D . Game force

2D 2H 2Nt = 25-27 points and 2D 2H 3NT = 28-30 points

Summary of when to use Cues.
1. If you have a void
2. If you have an uncontrolled suit - like QJxx or xx : no AK
3. If you need to know whether partner has a specific K
4. If you plan to use 5NT Trump* ask
  5. If you hope /suspect partner might hold a key void/singleton- ?? bit woolly this?

*. Although this is New, I feel it is important to incorporate with Cues. Basically, 5NT, when not preceded by 4NT! - asks for the top 3 trump honours. 6C=0, 6D=1, 6H=2, 6S=3.

Quantative Bidding in NT . . .BMB has a Seminar

CUE BIDDING . . .BMB has a Seminar on Cue biddin

 Why Cue bidding rather than 4NT

A weak suit
bidding in minors
a void

With a fit in the minors, bidding a suit over 3NT is a cue bid, whereas below is looking for 3NT
Cue bidding twice in same suit usually indicates a void especially over 4 of agreed suit

5NT king ask - only for GS - reply with lowest king rather than # king

Responses of 5H & 5S indicates 2 or 5 keycards

SPLINTERS - Support, Points, Lack, interest . . BMB has a Seminar on Splinter bids

With 4 card support and 11 or more points, splinter (double jump). Then cue bid or just use RKCB if confident that you can make 11 tricks whatever the answer!

Do not splinter with an Ace

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