System with Renate.

Page created 22/9/2021


5 card majores,short club, 1d min.4

NT 15-17, transfer, for Min too: 2sd=club, 3club= D( length 6)

Stop 2club:19_20-answer:2D, relay

Stop 2NT= 21_22     , stop:2D:23 plus--Answer:0-3 points:2H, 4-6pts:2S ect


LOw is positiv, high=negat. Disagree


At titude,  signals, etc

If you lead an A , I give attitude, with odd encouraging,  even high  change to a high suit, even low'. Change to a low suit.

Lead of a K.  I give count

My first discard.  Odd I want. Even high, give me a high suit

Discard of a 6 means nothing!

Would this be possible for you.  Or is it completely alien...?.

Half the time. Not needed anyway. If dummy on the right,lead the weakest suit in sight . If dummy on the left, lead through Heft (strength)

RKCB 1430? 5Nt for kings,  name your lowest one, but 6C I guess also means none

After a x bid one level higher.?  I.e. 1S x 3S

Bid to level of total trumps. So 1H 1S p 3S means 4 Ss, 0 to 9 points.   1H 1S p 2H is unassuming cue saying I have spades partner and ten plus points



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